Chinese Interior Design

Chinese Interior Design

Eastern interior design enhances its army of admirers in western countries from year to year. The Chinese design becomes more and more popular because of its exotic and splendid beauty which harmonizes with incredible comfort and delicacy. Despite the fact that it seems easily to decorate the interior in Chinese style, not many people can create tranquil and serene atmosphere. The design is based on the harmonious unity with nature and its energy creating the comfortable and calm atmosphere at home. The reverential veneration of forefathers’ traditions and legacy is reflected in furnishings and the hosts’ values.

Chinese Interior Design

Chinese style is characterized by the abundance of bright colours and magnificent interior elements. Moreover, there’s the traditional combination of red, golden and black. Red colour symbolizes power and energy bringing luck to its owners. Golden is a colour of emperors and is used for emphasis. Blue colour should be used carefully as in Chine it emphasizes gentlehood and a high position in society.

Chinese interior style relates to the ethnic type and is permeated by the spirit of harmony with mother-nature. So for decorating only natural materials are used. The wooden panels with rufescent glow are perfect for wall coverage. Wallpaper or bamboo canvas can become a good alternative. Paper wall covering decorated with particular print is often preferable. Wall painting will also look great but here you should be attentive because every picture has its own sense. Additionally, the walls can be decorated with wooden grates with original patterns and the ceiling can be decorated with beams. The floor is usually covered with bamboo parquet but if you don’t have it, usual wooden flooring planks or quarry tile of a big size will suit you too. The dark key with rufescent tone is preferable for the wooden floor covering. Admirers of the floor covering referring to the roll type should get a good look at a fitted carpet resembling the Chinese floor mat.

One of the main features of the Asian interior design is usage of furniture of an original shape but without acute angles and square elements. It’s a good idea to fill your house with low sofas, airy bamboo armchairs, small tables for tea-time and many cabinets. And without upholstery! Patent wooden furniture of dark colours usually decorated with delicate carving and cut-in ornaments are also rewarded. For the purfle mother-of-pearl and tortoise shells can be used. A dinner table is absolutely necessary. Decorating your house you should adhere to the feng shui principles as it’s accepted in the native country of the style. Each thing must be located in its certain place. The same pieces of furniture should be placed pairwise or in accordance with a chosen design.

The canonical element of interior designed in accordance with the Chinese traditions is a various sliding bamboo and wooden screen decorated with pictures painted on silk or rice-paper. Through the use of such screens the division of space can be easily achieved.

Don’t pass over some décor elements. To create the atmosphere you can use the Chinese fans, china-ware, the pictures of hieroglyphs and dragons, cassolettes with aromatized sticks and pots with dwarf bush trees. And what is more important is that you shouldn’t overdo decorating your home and then it’ll look incredibly.

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