Choosing a female business suit

Choosing a female business suit

If a woman will be able to succeed in a career, depends not only on her professional knowledge and skills, but also on the ability to dress well. Clothing may be inexpensive, but it must be correctly matched. A win-win option for the office dress code is considered to be a business suit. A woman always looks stylish, elegant and strict in it.

Choosing a female business suit

Choosing a model

Female business suit should ideally sit on the figure. You do not want to business partners or colleagues doubted your ability to pick up the wardrobe, do you? Good costume fits, but does not hinder movement. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable in it.

Business suits come with pants or skirts. Office dress code seldom allows wearing flared trousers. Therefore, if you have stout legs, it is better to buy straight pants or very slightly flared from the knee. Thin girls can wear narrower trousers with a high waist of classic length or shorter. Regardless of the style of trousers, they should have arrows.

If you want to create a more feminine look, buy a suit with a skirt. It should only be of a classic style; there should be no overhead pockets or bright applications. In some companies, women are allowed to derogate from these strict rules and wear a little flared skirt. The length is very important as it should be not above the knee. The small incision is appropriate in the skirt; it makes the image more feminine.

Jackets come in different styles: single-breasted or double-breasted, with lapels of different shapes, or without them, with buttons up to the neck or chest. By the way, buttons can be located in one or two rows. Choice of a jacket depends on the figures features. If you want to hide the stomach, it is better to choose a loose jacket with a V-neck. Owners of slim waist will look good in close-fitting jackets with darts.

If you want to focus on the chest, you can wear a jacket with buttons up to the middle. And if you want to hide it, then you’d better buy a jacket-coat, buttoned up to the top. Jackets come in different lengths. Its choice depends on your desire to show or hide the hips and buttocks.

The choice of color and fabrics of a suit

Fashion for women’s business suits relatively constant. For many decades models of gray, white, black and dark blue color do not lose their relevance. But it all depends on the season of year. In the summer beige, cream and pale gray suits are considered to be relevant. In the cold season it is better to give preference to dark colors. However, if your company permits to derogate from these rules, you can wear suits in pastel shades of blue, purple, olive and dark blue. If you wish to attract attention even at work then buy a suit of red, green or yellow. It’s bold and extravagant!

Business female suit cannot be decorated with eye-catching pattern. But it may be with a very small plaid or thin, almost imperceptible strip. But the suit of such cloth should be well tailored to the drawing lines necessarily match at the seams.

Before trying on a suit, pay attention to the material – it should be worsted wool. This fabric is universal and suitable for any time of year. For the hot summer, you can buy a suit of cotton or linen.

To check the quality of the fabric, it is necessary to fold it. If it folds, the purchase should be abandoned.

A good suit should have shoulder pads, sleeves sewn without folds and collar lying flat. If the suit is properly selected, the skirt and pants do not have adhesive qualities, and sit a little loose. Yes, there are a lot of requirements to business clothing, but you’ll find your perfect suit for sure.

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