Choosing a home exercise bike

Choosing a home exercise bike

The setting of the home sports simulator allows you to get rid of the problem associated with insufficient physical activity, that leads to deterioration of health, decreased performance and extra weight. The perfect way to get away from a sedentary lifestyle – regular camping, everyday running, exercising in sports clubs or fitness club. However, most urban residents can’t afford all of it because of lack of time. Home stationary bikes, treadmills and other devices are a good alternative, which you can use to maintain physical fitness in good condition, giving training no more than twenty minutes a day.


There are various models of bicycles with different braking systems, built-in computer system options, method of mounting the seat and other features. The selected model must meet the needs of the user and have the appropriate ergonomic data.

Braking system

Depending on the principle of the braking system, there are mechanical, magnetic, and electromagnetic simulators-bikes. Bikes with the mechanical braking system are the simplest and the most affordable. They include belt, the tension of which serves as a load controller. Comparing to training models, these bikes have a high level of noise. In addition, they cannot be called durable.

In machines with a magnetic braking system the load is controlled by magnets, that can be close or far away from the flywheel. The computer of this bike is able to perform additional functions.

Magnetic exercise bikes are equipped with a comfortable seat and have more advanced design.

Devices with electromagnetic braking system are in the highest price category. In this case, user has the opportunity to ask exercise program. Depending on the selected program, load is selected automatically. Some models of electromagnetic simulators-bikes allow users with up to 130 kg of weight. For most models, including mechanical and magnetic braking system, the maximum allowable weight training is 100 kg.

Computer options

The simplest set of options of the computer of the exercise bike is displaying burned calories, speed, distance and time. Modern models also output a large number of other parameters, including heart rate, exercise level and even the indications of external temperature sensor.

Homemade stationary bike with computerized control systems is able to provide user with various types of training, designed to achieve different results: weight loss, muscle building, exercise of the heart, physical rehabilitation and others. The information about the current condition may be recorded in the training diary. For this, process of training on the simulator is synchronized with a smartphone that stores the user’s journal.


Choosing an exercise bike, you need to try it by configuring, in accordance with your growth. You must ensure that it comfortable to sit, hold the wheel, pedaling. Bicycles with good ergonomics allow you to get more pleasure from training.

Models with a horizontal mount seat are good. They take up more space in the room, and the its exercises differ slightly from the real ride on a conventional bike, but such equipment can remove the load on the spine. This provides a good aerobic workout, that strengthens the heart and lungs, developing different muscle groups. Horizontal homemade bicycles are safe even for people suffering from pain in the back.

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