Choosing a keyboard

Choosing a keyboard

Sooner or later, each keyboard will go down. You have to buy a new one instead. But the problem lies, that there is such a large number of them, so it’s difficult to make a choice.


Choosing the keyboard in the first place you need to pay attention on the keystroke, that can be both long and short. The first option is more relevant for older brand beige models – these types of keyboards have additional springs (not the band), which allow to achieve such an extraordinary survivability. But the problem lies in the fact that they have the outdated connector PS/2, which is not suited for the modern computers. But you can also buy a cheap keyboard with short keystroke and rubber bands instead of dumpers, which is connected via USB. It’s not an expensive option, and you can find it in any store.

Top model keyboards may have additional USB for connecting peripheral equipment, card readers and even the LED light, which will be useful in the evening. However, the last one thing you can make yourself with accordance modern teachings of lifehacking. You should just take a 5 V LED (it’s the voltage of the USB), use the case of flash USB, liquid glass and a bit of skill. This can be a tricky action for the average user. So sometimes, it’ really easier to buy the keyboard with backlighted keys.

In recent years, wireless keyboards are becoming popular and fashionable. They work both with desktop computers and tablets. It’s better to buy those versions, which use Bluetooth for connection. In the latter case, there is a magnetic keyboard with a small keystroke, which allows you to type large amounts of information directly by types, not touching the screen. The latter, which has a limited number of touches, remains intact. Given the expensive touch screen repair, purchasing of a wireless keyboard will initially be considered a profitable investment.


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