Choosing a perfume: the niceties and secrets

Choosing a perfume: the niceties and secrets

The favorite odor is able to lift your mood at once and transform the world view, but if this fragrance also fits you, then there is a great chance to cause pleasant emotions from the people around you too. You will be able to strengthen the relationship with friends and impress strangers.

Choosing a perfume the niceties and secrets

Before you start looking for ‘your’ perfume, you should know what the selection criteria are, and move sequentially.

The conventional groups of fragrances
Primarily, fragrances are divided according to content of the main notes therein. Typically, they are divided into citrus, fresh (sea), floral, woody, fruity and spicy groups. The number of groups can be much broader, but if you are not well versed in the flavors, it is easier to start with a more coarse and simple division. If you have favorite notes present not in all categories, it narrows the search terms. You can even stop for 1 or 2 groups of the most favorite kinds of smells.

Perfumes are also selected according to age
The unobtrusive aromas give tenderness and grace to young damsels, while the mature lady with a more persistent odor may declare themselves as held personality with character. It should be taken into account when selecting the fragrance as wrong-chosen odor can add your age and felt out of place or, conversely, leave an impression on you as flighty person.
Girls are easier to be forgiven for the experiments: their perfumes can be both delicate and bright, and even unisex fragrances are allowed. Young women should add perfume with feminine, slightly elegant notes to their arsenal: fashion trends, but not the pilot, and the replicas of already well-established, proven flavors. Women aged 45+ can choose persistent aromas, emphasizing the character and the style of clothing that they prefer. Calm classic perfumes in the prevailing trends are highly recommended.

You can also focus on the season
In winter people are favorably receive ‘heavy’ sweet flavors that can remind of warming drinks or warm days. Spring fragrances are light natural odors that enhance the feeling of waking up. Summer is a time of unobtrusive fresh smells. A fall excites sensual impressions with tartness, bright, but not sharp scents of fruits, berries and bark.
Finally, the time of day when using perfume is also taken into account
Although it is not a global factor in the selection of a constant fragrance, but nevertheless you should have both day and evening perfumes. Fragrances are chosen in accordance to a dress, and just like a garment is casual and evening, the flavor should match the atmosphere. Therefore, pay attention to the fact, how bright, saturated and persistent flavors you get. This may be an indication of what time of day it is appropriate to wear them. In the afternoon and in the morning less intrusive odors are perfect, and in the evening, respectively, a ‘heavy’ ones.

Another way to narrow down your search: pass the tests
On the Internet there are a lot of tests that will help you to determine the group of fragrances or even get specific reviews of the perfumes to try them for yourself. This will help you understand yourself, to understand better the flavors and start purposefully try recommended odors.

Try considering personal preferences and recommendations
And finally, here comes the most practical, long and pleasant part of choice – the perfume shopping trip. But remember that ‘trying’ selected fragrances you should not be interested in more than 4 odors in a single visit. And apply to your skin no more than 2 spirits: one fragrance for the right and one for the left wrist. This approach will allow you to maintain clarity of perception and evaluate the smell of perfume on your skin after 1 or 2 hours and more: how it opens, how long it smells, how harmoniously it is combined with the smell of your skin. Let this process be enjoyable not only because of the good results, but also because of itself.

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