Choosing bed linen

Choosing bed linen

The choice of bedding should always be treated with due attention. Both bedrooms beauty and healthy sleep depend on it. But there is a great variety of the types of bed linen and it is necessary to choose the only correct option for all family members.

Choosing bed linen

The cheapest linen is deservedly chintz and calico. They have a very low density (often no more than 20-40 threads per square cm), which adversely affects the resource of operation. But they are still made of environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic cotton cloth that is equally well suited for both children and adults. If you need linen at a low cost, but high density, it makes sense to opt ranforce, demand for which is experiencing the second renaissance.

The above linen is made by classical technology: equity and styling threads are placed in them at an angle of ninety degrees. But if you use the cotton double-twist yarn and put on the machine at an angle of forty-five degrees, in the result you’ll get satin having a high density and silkiness. This type of linen is appreciated by housewives because of the high wear resistance as easily withstand not only manual, but also machine wash.

If add up to 48% of polyester to the cotton, you will eventually get almost eternal linen such as polycotton. This type of linen is characterized by silky and exceptionally high strength properties. It becomes clear why the above-mentioned type of linen is used in the majority of hotels in the world – it is practical, it is worth moderate money and does not the wrinkle.

For the summer, the perfect solution would be linen made of natural silk. Silk is valued among consumers because it is able to pleasantly cool the body in the hottest nights.

If it is important to buy underwear, costing cheaper and capable of providing thermoregulation of the human body in the heat, it is recommended to pay attention to flax. This kind of material differs by ecological properties and is absolutely hypoallergenic. This linen was widely used by our grandparents. Linen made of natural flax, especially the version with embroidery, is in high demand both in Europe and Japan. There it refers to the elite line of bedding.

But for cold bedrooms flannel is perfect, which is still referred to as ‘cotton fleece’. Flannel retains heat for a long time and is inexpensive, but the only problem is that it is problematic to find it in free market. But the specialized sites offer this rare opportunity.

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