Choosing the right bread maker

Choosing the right bread maker

It doesn’t always make sense to buy bread at the bakery. Bread may be either overcooked or poorly baked. Sometimes it is better to buy a modern bread maker, which is capable to automatically add necessary ingredients into the flour, to knead the dough and to bake the bread on a pre-selected recipe. On the output you can be guaranteed to get quality bread with good flavor characteristics. You should try baked by bread maker bread at least once, and all your doubts to buy or not to buy will be is cut off immediately.

Choosing the right bread maker

This type of device has relatively low power consumption (0.45-0.85 kW), low weight (7.5 kg) and small dimensions, due to which the device can be installed anywhere in the kitchen.

While choosing a bread machine, it is important to look select the dispenser, where the bread maker will take needed ingredients for the dough. Cheaper models have an audible signal that tells that you need to add the right ingredients or spices at this moment.

Branded bread makers can bake bread of any shape – rectangular or round. You just need to buy a ready-made shape, made of aluminum, cast iron or Teflon coating, and bread will be baked according to a given recipe in a short time.

Bread machine models have preset programs (often up to 15), which allow you to bake almost any bread, from rye to white. And also to be sure that the bread does not get wet or dry. Often you can even choose the color of the crust, and you can get the same bread, as it was in Soviet times…

Modern bread machines have preset timers that can help you to program the baking process of bread. You can fill a needed mixture of flour, yeast and additives, select a desired program and set time, like, your return from work. And then you will get delicious and flavorful gluten-free bread, which does not leave a heaviness in the stomach, which is often typical for store-bought bread, that contains soy flour, baking powder and the cheapest yeast. But if you buy modern bread maker in a special store that gives a guarantee on this appliance– there will be always (in the morning in the evening) a well baked bread, taken by all family members with enthusiasm.

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