Citrus Diets for Weight Loss

Citrus Diets for Weight Loss

Excess weight is one of the vital problems of the 21st century. It doesn’t spare women, men, the young and the elderly. First, we gain weight and then fight against it heroically. Highly-qualified nutritionists and dieticians develop more and more slimming and nourishing programs. Almost all of them are based on the same principle: you should change your nutrition plan and increase physical activity. There are also diets with which you don’t have to change the nutrition plan dramatically and languish in a gym three times a week to keep muscles in a tone. The key element of such diet is a yellow fragrant fruit, lemon.

Citrus Diets for Weight Loss

Useful properties of the product have been well-known since the times of the Roman Empire. Nowadays, it is indispensable in the modern person’s diet. Lemon is consumed either separately or as a key ingredient of sauce for main dishes or rich tasteful desserts. With its properties lemon is determined by dieticians as an essential way of losing weight.

Citrus Fruit’s Influence on the Process of Losing Weight

Citric acid removes waste products and toxins and has a positive effect on the digestive system. Reacting to enzymes, it stimulates the production of gastric juice, so the metabolic process accelerates and fats are burnt more effectively.

Lemon peel is rich with pectin wrapping stomach walls and protecting it from waste accumulations.

Citrus Diets for Weight Loss

Lemon juice has the astonishing ability to dampen hunger, improve the protection of the immune system and normalize digestion.

The citrus fruit contains such vitamins as A, B, C and P and such trace elements that are essential for human body as zinc, boron, calcium and copper.

Lemon oil will be very useful if you try to lose weight. The systematic use of it can prevent the formation of cellulite and varicose veins. If you add several drops of fragrant liquid to the bath, active elements of the citrus fruit pass through the superficial layer of skin and will cause the early cleavage of subcutaneous fat. This is an ideal and affordable alternative for those who is not able to consume this product as it is contraindicated.

Lemon is rich with elements that independently break down fats and normalize digestion. The diet on the basis of the fruit can help you not only lose some extra weight but also improve the health and enhance immunity.

Ground Rules of Citrus Diet

The optimum course of consuming lemons is fourteen days. If, over time, a woman doesn’t feel discomfort, she can continue to keep diet. However, dieticians recommend taking a break, for example, after two weeks of usage you can have a free week and then repeat the course.

If the health becomes dramatically worse, you should restrict or even eliminate the intake of the fruit. Higher acidity can provoke problems with the mucous membrane, gastritis, ulcer, etc.

If one of these diseases is diagnosed, it’s necessary to choose another diet.

According to the majority of daily diets, lemon is consumed as an accompanying component and equally to other products. Fasting days on the base of lemon water are very effective.

It’s important to note that to keep this diet you must have an entirely healthy stomach.

Byproducts of Citrus Diet

The standard citrus diet includes product groups that are vital and irreplaceable for people’s everyday life. But there are those products that mustn’t me consumed.

Citrus Diets for Weight Loss

Recommended products and dishes:

1. Fruit and vegetables for every day. Optimum consumption is two or three fruits per day. As an example: an apple for breakfast, green cabbage salad for lunch and grated boiled beet for supper.
2. Any nuts. They have a high fatty acid content that cause the rapid neutralization of sucrose and fructose.
3. Red meat. Beef or veal must become a useful alternative to high-energy pork. Meat products can be diversified with fish dishes with a low fat content. Their high Omega-3 content has a positive effect on the women’s health.
4. Clean water. The daily rate for a person trying to lose weight is 1,5-2 liter of clean water per day. It’s necessary to drink water in small sips during the day. It maintains the water balance in the body and removes waste products quickly.

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