Clothes in disco style

Clothes in disco style

Disco style exists not the first dozen of years, but it does not add modesty to it. It still remains a vivid and shimmering like disco lights. Imitating incendiary pop performers, youth of the 70-ies of the last century, brought the idea of stage costumes in everyday life. This cheerful and dynamic style is capable of filling gray days with colors. It is not surprising that even today it has a lot of fans.

Clothes in disco style

Fashion in the rhythm of the disco

Clothing in disco style requires a certain proportion of recklessness and freedom. It is distinguished with luster, acidity of color and sexuality. Some costumes can be called a space because of the abundance of decoration in the form of crystals, lurex, shiny stones and other elements.

– Disco dresses are often asymmetrical and too frank. Courage of style is emphasizes by the metallic luster or animal print. Free cut of the dress is offset by a short length or multi-tiered fringe. Modern dress in disco style is hit of club fashion. It can be decorated with complicated sequins or crystals. Fancy style is a matter of taste. The only wish is the brighter, the better!

– Star style will be underlined with shiny high-heeled sandals or leather boots-stockings. The greater their length, the shorter the skirt or pants needs to be. Sandals with massive platform are not less popular. And what about wide-heeled shoes? True fans of the disco would not refuse such. These shoes will be the perfect complement to the image, because it is so convenient to dance in them!

– Short translucent tops or blouses with flared sleeves emphasize the sexuality of their owner. Similar things are generally made of synthetic fibers. Miniature denim tops with ties are also very relevant. These may be complemented by embroidery or appliqué. It seems that in this style denim is indispensable. All sorts of tunics, skirts and costumes of this fabric are considered as fashionable base to produce the desired image. Clothing in disco style should fit like a second skin. The deep neckline and open back of a top imply lack of bra that has become another hallmark of this fashion trend.

– Flare is, of course, absolute favorite of fashion in the rhythm of the disco. Despite the fact that the flared trousers models figure are very tight to the knee, even men are allowed wearing them.

Jeans of the similar style and overalls sitting closely have incredible success. In contrast with flared trousers tights of bright colors appeared later, which are now worn with tunics or loose T-shirts of metallic colors.

– In cold weather, you can put on broad-shouldered jacket of shiny fabric. White blazer with shoulder pads is also perfect for the image of disco.

A bit about the accessories

Flashy jewelry can complement the disco image. No matter how absurd large plastic bracelets and bright earrings bright may look if worn together, in this way they would be appropriate. All kinds of beads in several rows, and large metal ornaments are also welcome. Do not forget about the handbag with rhinestones or lacquered clutches, where you can put mobile phone in disco style.

Disco era has passed, leaving an inimitable stylish direction, elements of which are still present in fashion trends.

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