Cluttering psychology

Cluttering psychology

Some people like to store plenty of different things at home. Sometimes, these trifles are so cute that one just hasn’t the heart to throw them away, even if they are absolutely worthless.

Cluttering psychology

This behavior to a greater or lesser degree is typical for about 40% of the total population. If the number of collected items is negligible, this phenomenon is hardly noticeable, and cannot be considered a real problem yet. But when there are too many things, it becomes abnormal.

Garbage accumulation or collecting?

Collecting usually doesn’t interfere with life. Collectors have everything in its place – in boxes or albums. Moreover, they collect only a certain type of things. But scrap collectors have their stuff lying everywhere around and interfere with normal life, with any kind of garbage being collected. In the latter case, a person is sure that a stored item will come in handy someday, and thus there is no way it can be thrown away. If a relative will throw any of the collected objects away, the collector starts to feel anxiety and stress, so strong that may even get sick in the end. Sometimes, such collectors accumulate so many things that there is almost no free space left in their homes and one even has to sidle from one room into another.

Such kind of collecting can lead to a complete solitude of the person. First of all, people dislike visiting untidy cluttered apartments, so they stop attending the garbage collector. On the other hand,

it’s more comfortable for the collector to stay close to his or her belongings; he doesn’t feel like going out. This way, he finds himself completely alone.

How does the accumulation of things start?

If you like to collect various things and store them at home, then you probably have this hobby since you were a teenager. Maybe, it resulted from some kind of severe psychological trauma. However, if your parents collected and stored tons of garbage, it’s not surprising that you do this as well.


Most garbage collectors have some emotional problems, which grow even more serious over the years. This may be due to alcohol and drug abuse, hyperactivity or depression. If the garbage that constantly surrounds you starts to irritate you or your relatives, it’s high time for you to turn for professional help. In your case, cognitive therapy will be the most successful, especially if it includes using some medications. With reduction of stress and anxiety, you may feel completely free from the obsessive idea of ongoing accumulation of things at home.

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