Cocktail dresses 2016

Cocktail dresses 2016

Etiquette recommends ladies to wear cocktail dresses for parties, the beginning of which is scheduled no later than 7 p.m. As is known, the event that starts later than this, implies evening dresses.

Cocktail dresses 2016

Cocktail dresses are even more popular than the evening ones, as they allow showing all the splendor of the figure due to the length of the hemline. What trends in fashion for the cocktail dresses will delight women in 2016?

Cocktail dresses 2016: main trends

Every year, fashion does not change radically, but transforms gently, with one direction can not leave its position for several years. So, in the coming season the following trends will be relevant:

• Lace fabric;
• Red and silver shades;
• Velvet fabric;
• Leather dresses;
• Focus on decoration of the hem;
• Dresses with one shoulder or with bare shoulders.

Another trend, which is being actively developed in the fashion world, is cocktail dresses, consisting of several layers. In the fashion world such dresses have already had the name of ‘air cake.’ Such outfits look stylish and unusual by using light (sometimes semi-transparent) fabric. Styles of them may be different, but the dress itself is created like multi-layered.

Cocktail dresses 2016: nuances

Fashionistas who like dresses with detachable skirts can be satisfied as the classic column dresses give way to the feminine silhouette, where the emphasis is on the skirts. Even if the dress is a single cut, its hemline should look flared. No matter what the length of the dress – mini or knee – the hem is decorated with a wide variety of decorations, model house Dolce & Gabbana stacked at this decor. Fringes, prints, embroidery and so on can be used as decoration.

In 2016 cocktail dresses in may have a variety of colors: from classic black to extreme red-orange. However, preference is given to all the cool shades. That is why silver is cutting edge. And Marcus Tondo offers trim, made in shades of lilac and purple.

Ladies, who appreciate extravagance, can safely purchase dresses with oblique cut, without one shoulder, and the whole emphasis is on the other shoulder. Such models of cocktail dresses were presented in new collection of Marcus Tondo. Finally, another trend is exaggerated deep cut.

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