Coffee table in the interior

Coffee table in the interior

Often in many furniture stores and forums of relevant Internet sites you can see and hear exclamations of puzzled visitors: ‘Why do we need this coffee table? Just spend the money without any benefit’. This is fundamentally wrong judgment has rooted, unfortunately, in the minds of many. But in fact, the coffee table can be one of the most essential items in the room, despite its invisibility. Get it, put in the right place and after a while you will not be able to give it up.


This small table can be successfully used to create a comfortable and functional interior design, both in the bedrooms and living rooms. Coffee table carries not only stylistic, but also a considerable functional load, which will be discussed below.

Irreplaceable in any conditions

The size of coffee table is really small. However, in the house, it can perform a considerable amount of useful functions. It is suitable for:

• a friendly tea party;
• working with a laptop;
• storage of periodicals, as well as the TV remote control and other home appliances;
• as a place for a variety of decorative elements: vases, figurines, baskets and other things.

Thus, it can be noted that from the functions mentioned above just one is associated with beauty and style. In addition, some coffee tables have so unusual design that can be used both as a table and as a seating area. As a rule, the surface of these models is a custom countertop made of wood or glass – it is in the form of leather upholstery, thick fabric, and other materials.

To say that all the coffee tables are similar to each other is to tell a lie. Modern manufacturers offer for judgment of the customers models in all sorts of design performance. Coffee table, standing in many apartments – it’s not four legs, covered with tabletop. Today it is very difficult and sometimes even artful system: in this table may be a large number of all kinds of shelves, cell boxes which are ideal for storing small everyday things, annoyingly getting in the hands.

Coffee table in the interior

Coffee table sometimes becomes the main highlight of the bedroom interior design. After all, it is possible to put on it a jar with cream, moisturizers, put the book down and hoist small household appliances. As a rule, near such a table, the relaxing reading area is created where you can relax from a long and hard day. This table can also have a considerable functional load in the loggias being a perfect area for relaxing.

Having described the dignity of the coffee table as a functional interior subject, you should specify the possibilities for its decorative applications. One has only to look at the many photos posted on the Internet and all the questions about his indispensability to create the perfect interior design disappear. Table created from an anchor, a table-aquarium, a table-clock – that’s the true decoration of any room. You should only remember the stylistic congruity of the use of this piece of furniture in a particular room.

These arguments must convince all those who think that coffee table is an unnecessary luxury. It is better to buy a small and stylish table, than to lay its function on various poufs, boxes, baskets, trunks and suitcases, which do not help to create a cozy atmosphere.

Attention! Buying a coffee table is a responsible and important process. Choosing the right model, you need to determine where the table will be set, to take into account the dimensions of the room, to consider the possibility of its use as well as to correlate its appearance with the general direction of interior design.

The power is in variety

Going into the furniture store or to a site of appropriate direction, you will immediately notice that the coffee tables can be completely different. As a rule, they differ in:

• form;
• height;
• material of which are made;
• design.

Form of the coffee tables can be different. You will meet stylish smooth play of arbitrary shape, as well as strict classic in the form of polygons, squares, ovals.

Coffee tables also vary in height. For example, a common standard height varies between forty to fifty centimeters. But in the assortment of large furniture stores you can find lower variants with a large countertop area, and a very high model.

Frameworks for the coffee tables are made from different materials. So, in production may be used:

• tree;
• glass;
• metal;
• plastic.

However, it should immediately be said: the listed materials are widely used in factory production. Self-made or designer coffee tables can be made out of anything. Judge for yourself: you can make own design of board or drywall, and imagination of designers may present the unusual and bold solutions. How do you like a table, which has the snags instead of legs? Or bronze statues? There are also options where the frame consists of carvings, stumps, plastic bottles, horns and other things, giving things a considerable originality.


Not only frame the table has the great range of the options, but also the countertop. Thus, it can be made of laminated chipboard, mirror, MDF, glass, ceramic mosaics and even woven from vines. Particularly daring design decisions can represent a countertop made of stone or a mixture of different materials.

Coffee tables are also different in features of their design. It can be installed either permanently (this option is perfect for large rooms) and transported on wheels (a good solution for a small room). In addition, among the different models of coffee tables you may find real transformers, which are with easy wave of the hand may turn into dinner tables.

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