Coffee table in the interior

Coffee table in the interior

Coffee table made of wood: unfading classics

Needless to say, why wooden coffee table is considered as a classic; it was decided by the flow of history. The table made of wood, can be safely placed in the interiors of various kinds. Thus, it can be put in the room both casually and stylish furnished, which design shines with sophistication. Due to naturallness and environmental material, a table made of wood takes an excellent combination with other home furnishing items.

There are situations when using a coffee table made of wood even difficult and artful design projects and ideas come true. Sometimes you can meet so incongruous mix of subjects, which, however, will look attractive and pleasing to the eye. The rectangular shape of the wooden table looks completely suitable on the background of the round shapes and smooth bends.


But you should not be naive to assume that a wooden coffee table can only be a classic – no, it is not true. Fantastic designs and shapes – such as space objects – are often made of wood. In addition, the stylish wooden tables are equipped with a variety of lamps and other lighting elements. Such variants are ideal for use in high-tech style.
Wooden coffee tables can affect not only by their form. Some models cause considerable surprise because of their non-standard finishing. They may be:

• decorated with ornamental stones;
• decorated with Florentine mosaics;
• inlaid with precious metals.

Helpful advice! Choosing a coffee table made of wood, you do not have to necessarily pay attention to any design standards for height. There is only one basic requirement: the table should look as proportional as possible. Wood is pretty heavy material, so when you select the table you need to adhere to the following rules: the higher the leg, the smaller the countertop area, and vice versa.

Glass: modernity embodied in one material

Glass coffee tables have recently been used very often. They are usually used in such design style, as a high-tech but may find application in a classical setting.

Coffee glass tables have one important feature: the appearance of design as well as the material, from which it is made, is very important. Countertops made of glass are transparent, so the legs have to be performed not only accurately, but also as original as possible. The undeniable advantage of glass is its compatibility with almost any material from which to create the table legs. The design, which hoisting the countertop, can be of a standard classical form, and a curved, non-standard.

Glass tables have earned their popularity not accidentally. They have the following advantages.

• The strength and durability. Glass is a material that is very difficult to scratch, no matter how hard you try.

• Easy to maintain. The glass table top is easy to be cared of: it is enough just to wipe it with a cloth.

• Variability of use. Coffee tables made of glass can be used in a minimalist style, and in the luxurious surroundings.

However, there is always a fly in the ointment. Choosing glass table with transparent, colored or matte finish as highlight of the interior, remember that it is impossible to put a cup of hot coffee or tea and hot food dishes on it. The fact is that this material cannot tolerate the high temperatures: this is naked aggression for it. The appeal and preservation of the appearance of the glass are affected by humidity and direct sunlight.


Helpful advice! Choosing a coffee table made of glass, be sure to ask about its performance strength. This is very important because you will use it not only as a support for the paper, glass of juice or a cup of tea. Perhaps you want to organize an exhibition on the table of your favorite collection of small figurines made of marble or clay vases? If the table cannot withstand a heavy load, it is impossible to put bulky items on it – it can cause damage.

Stylish exclusive

Coffee tables can be quite diverse, and provide an opportunity to the owners of a house or apartment to show their originality and creativity. Thus, the table can be in the form of a brown leaf, water droplets, or take the form of the Rubik cube. They can differ in their construction: there are different leveled and sliding models.

Do not mistakenly think that the exclusive is always expensive. You can buy interesting and unusual products from plastic, chipboard, metal. The main thing is to show imagination and unconventional approach.

Helpful advice! Selecting an exclusive table, it is important not to overdo it and not to be mistaken. Always pay attention to the style of interior design – it is a basic condition.

Coffee table + interior style = success

Each style of interior should necessarily choose the right model of the table. To do this, use the following rules.

Coffee table in the interior

• Table made of wood is suitable for the classics.
• Table made of plastic, metal, wood and glass is appropriate for the minimalist style.
• For the country style, use the model of the rough hewn wood.
• For ethnic interior is best to choose a model equipped with a mosaic and inlay.

Coffee table is not a simple luxury, but one of the essential parts of the interior. It can be used both as a decor element, and bear a considerable functional load. The main thing is to choose the model according to your needs and the general direction of the interior style.

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