Collecting home theater

Collecting home theater

Mono-component home theaters have a low price and the immediate opportunity for exploitation, but they don’t always guarantee good sound quality, that most buyers will like. Much more profitable to collect the necessary home theater yourself, featuring a large screen and good sound.

Collecting home theater

Central element is the TV, which can be plasma, LCD or projection. Plasma TVs are perfect because of big picture, good color and presence of black one. LCD or LED TVs win because of great brightness, low power consumption and reduced cost, while projection TVs can make really big picture.

The sound and the picture in the home theaters are amplified by the AV receivers. Top models can amplify and transmit the sound to the nine channels! But if you are using a budget version of the sound, that is 5.1 (five speakers and one subwoofer), then inexpensive and practical AV receiver would be the best choice.

If there will be an option with a DSP-effect, you will guaranteed get the “hall” or “concert” sound. As its core this option can be considered as an electronic EQ. But it’s used rarely, since most people prefer linear sound.

If you don’t have enough money on AV receiver, then you can just buy a simple stereo receiver, that amplifies only the audio sound. If you don’t forget to buy the graphic equalizer, the sound quality will be very high.

All AV receivers model can convert video. For example, outdated versions were able to convert video from 480 to 720. The newest ones are capable to make a HD video. You don’t need to buy expensive DVDs with one recorded film – the receiver can recoup itself with watching old movies literally for the first year!

Soundbar should be of the best quality – to have an aluminum rim (it’s not magnetized), and the minimum power of the subwoofer should be at least 5 W, while 2 Watts is appropriate power for speakers. It’s quite a lot for one room – you can be sure that neighbors will perfectly hear the shooting in the movie…

You should make a special accent on the technical parameters of the speakers. They must to have a minimum sensitivity in the range of 90-95 dB. The budget versions can have about 80-85 dB, but the resonant frequency which is usually measured in F units, must be as high as possible, i.e. not bellow 60-75 Fs.

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