Cool High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets You’ll Be Drooling Over

Cool High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets You’ll Be Drooling Over

Do you love spending time in the kitchen? Are you a hardcore foodie that loves to bake and cook? There are an increasing number of tech gadgets targeted directly at the kitchen crowd. From high-tech kitchen scales to app-controlled kettles, savvy entrepreneurs are designing and creating a myriad of tools specifically for foodies. How many of the following gadgets for the kitchen will you be adding to your must-have list this year?

Cool High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets You’ll Be Drooling Over


The iKettle lets you boil water for your morning cup of tea with your smartphone. Available with wraparound skins in a variety of bright colors, the iKettle can be triggered while you are snuggled in bed or walking in the front door. If you want to impress your guests, adding this cool gadget to your kitchen is a must. The iKettle is currently available for pre-orders.

Spoon Scale

This high-tech measuring spoon lets you scoop ingredients and measure them at the same time. Useful for both liquids and dry ingredients, measurements are offered via the digital readout in the spoon’s handle.

Cloer Kitchen Scale

Sleek and elegant, the Cloer kitchen scale is one of those measuring devices you would be thrilled to showcase on your kitchen counter. Resembling the flat surface of an iPad or tablet, the Cloer scale lets you measure everything from the weight of a steak to the flour for your baking. Although not overly high-tech in usefulness, it is design that sets this kitchen utensil apart from the competition.

Interactive Plate

The My Diet Plate is a design concept from Zhi Ying Chai. This NFC-enabled plate would let users beam data from their smartphone to their plate. Whether a dieter wanted to monitor their carbohydrates or track their intake of vegetables, they could do so via their own dining utensil. The plate’s interface could be adjusted to suit specific dietary needs. If you believe that the high-tech visions of today’s designers become height=”auto” the realities of tomorrow, this interactive plate could very well be the way we dine in the future.

Product Tank

Still just in the design stage, the Product Tank concept kitchen is an intriguing design. Meant to adapt as an individual grows older, this kitchen features a wheelchair-accessible sink and cooking counter. The cooking surface itself offers a variety of interesting concepts that could help individuals cook comfortably in their kitchens in their senior years.

How many of these cool kitchen gadgets would you welcome in your home? Do you think you will be asking for any of these kitchen tools the next time you have a birthday? Or will you be asking Santa for cool kitchen tools at Christmas? Innovation is definitely happening in the kitchen. These gadgets and designs are just a small sampling of the innovation that is taking place.

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