Coral Color: juicy dominant in the interior

Coral Color: juicy dominant in the interior

What could look more spectacular than sea corals? The observation of their amazing shapes and juicy colors always soothes anxiety and relieves the stress. In ancient times people earned a lot of money on corals because they had a great price. This marine wealth was used in jewelry worn by aristocrats in ancient Rome and Greece.


At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, coral color became a symbol of modernity: it was used in the flowery motifs, all kinds of bends, but not in the correct geometrical proportions.

Love of coral in the West has not dried up until today: it is used both in clothes and in the interior. In our area, it is rarely used. But there is no need to regret about it: it means that we still have a fascinating insight into it. I propose to start it right now!

Coral color: what is it like?

The most difficult task is to ‘divide’ the color into parts and to describe it in words. The coral color is a combination of three colors: pink, red and orange. The proportions may be different, that is the color intensity changes.

Specialists even gave the name of each of the coral shades.

• Peach – bright coral.
• Salmon – this is a bright coral.
• Rusty – a dark coral.

This is interesting! Coral color attracted the attention of psychologists. They gave it the following characteristics: bright, warm, summer, cheerful, sweet. That is why experts advise its contemplation for relaxation and stress reduction.

A variety of coral has a direct impact on its perception. It can make the room cozy and warm. The mood of those who are in the room increases significantly. However, it is important not to overdo: an excess of coral can visually reduce the size of the premises, as well as make you feel tired.

The main feature of the coral color is its variability. Yes, this color is a real ‘chameleon’! It can change the tone in combination with a different style of lighting, and various accompanying flowers. For example, under certain conditions, the coral may look like red, but with a change in lighting, it becomes peach or pink.

Getting the perfect combination

As mentioned above, the coral is a mixture of orange, red and pink. That is why it can be combined with any partner of each of these colors. The best way to explain this rule is a simple example: pink goes well with green, that is why it is well-suited coral too.

Let us consider the most optimal combination of coral with other colors. So, hear: those mixes will bring your interior a wonderful success.

1. Coral + Turquoise

These colors look just fine, with an ulterior motive. They are relatives according to the sources of color: turquoise is the color of the summer sea, but the coral is the color of the reefs, the inhabitants of the deep sea and bottom. Designers note that both colors have a reference to the warmest seasons of the years. In addition, they are attracted as opposites: turquoise is a symbol of coolness and coral – of heat. Thus, they are included in an ideal combination.

Experts advise how to pick out one color with another, so make them the dominant combination. In any case, the interior design will be fully balanced and enjoyable.

2. Blue + Coral

This bundle includes the same mental associations as the previous combination. Coral is the color of the reef, and blue is the color of the sea.


3. Coral + achromatic colors

It should be noted that this color can be used in combination with a less bright shades. If bright colors complement the coral, the neutral shades help it to open up to the maximum. So, with the help of gray coral is transformed and becomes very crisp, and perfectly clean.


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