Correctly to accept the gift is an art

Correctly to accept the gift is an art

It’s always nice to accept gifts, however, it’s important to be able to do it correctly. The rules of etiquette haven’t been bypassed this moment. Of course, it’s your own choice to use these advices or not, however, the correct responding can please the giver, and you will be remembered as an intelligent person. And you will honor those people, who are inclined to evaluate every small detail.

Correctly to accept the gift is an art

Should we immediately open the gift?

It’s a good question, that doesn’t have a definite answer. If the gift is given among the small group of people, and the giver is your close friend, it’ll be better to look under the gift wrapping immediately. But if we are talking about larger events, you can do this later. Words of admiration should be being said during a personal meeting or telephone conversation.

The older generation insists that you should open gifts only being alone. This approach will allow to avoid embarrassment among the guests. It’s because of that facts, that gifts can be identical or greatly differ in cost. Response to the gift should be matched with the temperament and character of the giver.

If the gift didn’t meet your expectations, it’s not necessary to say it out loud, criticize and make fun of gifts. Such behavior is unacceptable. You should try to respond to all the gifts with the same way. If one of gifts caused a special joy, demonstrate it tet-a-tet, otherwise the other guest may think that their gifts are not appreciated.

But you can highlight the present among others, according to etiquette, only when the gift was created by the hands of the giver.

Gratitude should be expressed, looking into the eyes of the gives. It’s indecent to say thank you, staring at the gift.

It’s better to refrain from questions about the cost and the place of purchase of the gift. Even if it wouldn’t have any sense, the giver may feel awkward.

West Culture brought a good tradition. All the guest will be pleased to receive a small celebration keepsake from the host. The theme of the event doesn’t matter. Bonbonniere can be presented at our wedding, birthday or Christmas celebration.

If your gift is edible, etiquette advices to divide it among the guests. However, there is one nuance. If there are some foreigners, you should be careful with such tradition. For example, Europeans and Americans think, that the gift is a personal thing, so such division of the gift may be considered as an insult.

What does etiquette say about business gifts?

Gifts in the business sphere should be the same value. It means, that the giver must accept identical gift for the next holiday.

If the gift is presented by your partners, you should definitely report your boss.

Appreciation for the gift, transferred by the third parties, can be expressed with a postcard or phone call, it all depends on the ability to communicate with the giver.

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