Country style in the interior

Country style in the interior

Country style in the interior is a harmonious coexistence of sophistication and at the same time practicality, rustic motifs appear in the naturalness and simplicity. Style originated in the early 20th century in America, when wealthy citizens began to acquire suburban real estate. Wanting to recreate in the nest warmth and life, familiar from childhood (like grandparents’), and each brought something different, some flavor.


Later, from the middle of the 20th century style spread to European countries and gained some shape, distinctive features. At present, the direction has acquired enormous popularity, particularly in the country style people prefer to make out country houses and cottages, and not by chance – sustainability, naturalness are in vogue. However, if you do not have suburban house, do not despair; in the apartment it is also possible to recreate the rustic theme and it will look very good.

Some similar motifs can be found in the ethnic style as it also uses natural, ecological materials, the same simplicity in design, but the highlight is the direction of the ethnic theme of a particular country.

Despite the fact that the country style originated in America, in Europe it is not only caught on, but also acquired a national character. For example, French Country is the epitome of style of Provence (the most common), English – of the rural life of the local population, the Italian is sure to be ‘impregnated’ with sea and sun.

Due to the varieties the decor items change too (depending on the traditions and preferences of the owner, the characteristics of the environment). Anyway, one thing unites them – rustic motifs, echoes of the past, nostalgia for the days of this past, simplicity, not pretentious design. The kitchen is more often decorated in the country style – the highlight trends are manifested more clearly in the kitchen. However, if desired, you can decorate other rooms in the house in the country style, in particular the bathrooms, though it will not be easy to do so.

Characteristics of the American country style

Americans are the founders of direction; in their national flavor, the country style is shown in the following things:


– Antique furniture, characterized with roughness, massiveness, brass plated, patina to give the look of the ‘antique’;
– Stone in the decoration of fireplaces, walls;
– Massive tables in the kitchen (usually oval table tops);
– Beams on the ceiling, made of wood and which do not to perform certain functions, rather giving the surroundings;
– Hanging shelves for books;
– Decoration of walls and floors with hunting motifs (hides, horns);
– The walls are painted in a solid color (light) or paneled in wood;
– Blankets, made of patchwork technique (flaps), homespun materials (with Indian motifs);
– Mats, knitted from scraps of the own hands;
– Wooden slats with hooks for utensils, towels;
– Pottery, bronze figures, wrought iron items as décor, such as cages for birds;
– The color range is very diverse: the shades are very deep (from the deep bottle green, brick red to soft pastel – beige, faintly yellow, gray).
In general, the American country style is an entourage of the ranch, farm houses, in which everything is solid, respectable. Thus there is no embellishment, fanciful elements, there is no grace.

Features of English country style

English country style is the exact opposite of the American and has a particular elegance, comfort, the main characteristic of this style is the use of new products in the decor. A distinctive feature is the severity and restraint in all its forms. Exhibit elegance of the English style is an echo of the Victorian era which is embodied in the use of a large variety of fabric. Fabric can cover the walls (as wallpaper), furniture. Leather sofas, large bookcases in the hallways will be appropriate if talking about furniture.


In British homes represented in the country style the floor is often made from either wood or stone. Cold stone is covered with either mats or carpets with oriental motifs.

In general, it can be said that the English country style is a combination of practicality and at the same time functionality. Practicality is manifested in minimalism: from furniture – only the most necessary. It is, by the way, made in dark colors (red, cherry, brown), which gives the interior a national identity and a certain stiffness.

The most common colors: dark cherry, brick red, bottle green.

Accessorize in English country style are: lamps, dishes, often porcelain, paintings with hunting motifs, pictures on the walls, small souvenirs, figurines, antiques.

Features of the French direction

The French country style is seen in sophistication. From the materials used in the design, there is glass, aluminum, stainless steel metal, plastic. The floor is covered with terracotta tiles, and can be made of wood, top is covered with mats made of sisal. Furniture is usually done of precious wood species: oak, beech, chestnut, the decoration is the painting. The interior decoration involves plaid textiles.


The French prefer the cold shades in country style, which contrast with bright natural colors. The most common kind of French country style is Provence, personifying natural phenomena that are typical of this region of France. Provence is a southern French region that is different in dimensions of life, in which there is plurality of sunny days that residents spend at sea.

The style is different from the American and British radically: in the manifestations of grace, femininity, elegance. Provence is a lavender, mint, sand shades. The walls are often decorated with wallpaper with a small floral print, and the floor is made of wood and painted in bright colors (parquet). The peculiarity of this type is the artificial aging of virtually all surfaces (in particular – painted furniture), as well as floral motifs.

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