Create the comfort in a kitchen

Create the comfort in a kitchen

We not only cook and eat in the kitchen, but also meet with all members of the family, with friends during quiet evenings with a cup of tea or coffee. How to make it more comfortable? How to bring in the existing interior elements of comfort and maybe a new style without repairing and replacement of furniture?

Create the comfort in a kitchen

There are a number of simple and affordable techniques to help update the interior of the kitchen.

The overall impression of the entire interior depends on the way of the window decoration. The kitchen will certainly be perceived differently, if you pick up a new color, length, texture, and style of curtains. The material selection is great. But do not be afraid. You always have to rely on your own internal preferences. There are not so many traditional windows decoration:
Classical. It is the most popular. Light and airy tulle, decorated with curtain fabrics, colored or monochrome, with or without lambrequins – it all depends on individual preferences. Window design in a classic style is suitable for kitchens with wooden facades in the style of Provence, or country. Cornice for curtain may be both extended (from wall to wall), and shortened, corresponding to the size of the window. Do not forget that the use of the first option helps visually enlarge the size of the room.

French. It is similar in style to the classic. It differs only by its solemnity. It is characterized by a large number of lush folds of drapery presence. It is suitable for decorating large-kitchen areas.
Roman blinds (roller). They are ideally suit for small windows and small rooms. Practical and easy to care for. Roman blinds appeal to those who appreciate a minimalist interior.

Jalousie. Compact and hygienic. There are:

• Vertical blinds which have different colors and shapes, made of a material similar in texture to the fabric.
• Horizontal models – there are metal, plastic and wooden. In the living room are ideally combined with a monophonic curtain fabrics decorated in a classical style with a few catches.


It plays an important role in the interior. It is necessary that there would be several sources of the light in the kitchen: the backlight of kitchen units and work area, spotlights around the perimeter, a chandelier. And, of course, special attention should be paid to the dining area. During breakfast, lunch or dinner this is the place should be lit maximally. The rest of the time the light should be dim, soft, muted, soothing.


If the floor in the kitchen pretty much old and frayed, and began to look unaesthetic, and there is no opportunity to replace it than you need to lay carpet. Yes! That is, the rug. And do not be afraid that it is unfashionable and outdated. The carpet market is represented by a wide variety of models, practical and easy to clean.

Lovely trinkets

Here you must show imagination. Every detail is able to bring something new in any environment, to promote comfort:
• Tacks, selected to match the curtains;
• Walls are decorated with handmade embroidery frame;
• Modern posters;
• Photos of nearest and dearest;
• Children’s drawings;
• Soothingly quiet ticking clock.

If there is a soft sofa in the kitchen, you can decorate it with pillows different in color, texture and size. Do not neglect the pot-plants.
Here are some simple tips to help make the kitchen a cozy, warm place and will make the time, spent on it, a real pleasure.

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