Crystal glass in a modern interior

Crystal glass in a modern interior

The play of light in crystal glass charms, attracts attention, hides unsolved mystery, sensation of magic and fairytale – for this very reason, for many centuries people have used it to decorate their homes. They called it the mountain diamond, the nonmelting ice and the dragon’s breath. However, in times past, accessories made of rock crystal were considered the prerogative of the most noble and prosperous men; luxurious chandeliers and dinnerware were used in imperial palaces and castles, as well as for magical rituals and ceremonies.


After the introduction of artificial substitute of crystal glass, common people also received an opportunity to decorate their homes with it. Even in difficult times, many people did their best to buy crystal ceiling lamps and dinnerware in order to demonstrate the status and prosperity of the masters. In our age of technical progress and rapid development, this airy-looking, shiny and sparkling material is as appealing as ever.

Types of crystal glass

There is a huge difference between contemporary crystal glass and the one that could be found in stores in the middle of the previous century. Not only has the items’ appearance changed, but processing methods as well: planes have become softer and décor – more restrained. This is the style of contemporary crystal lamps, vases, tables and candlesticks. Nowadays, several types of crystal glass are used for interior design.

Lead crystal

The glass with lead additive; 24-25% is considered to be the standard proportion, but in the top class products it usually exceeds 33%. This very metal influences such parameters as transparence, sound purity, light refraction, increased strength and, at the same time, flexibility and shine. The higher is the lean proportion, the better are all the above-stated parameters. One of the representatives of this type of crystal glass is Czech crystal. The fact that crystal glass contains lean produces no effect on the human health, which has been proved by numerous researches.

Rock crystal

A kind of crystalline quartz that has the ability to refract light, is absolutely transparent and doesn’t become warm in hands. According to our ancestors’ beliefs, this very stone possesses magical qualities – the great kings and warlords of the past had their drinks served in goblets made of rock crystal.

Bohemian crystal

Silicate glass, that has displaced the natural crystal glass several centuries ago, is characterized by extreme strength, purity and transparency. It’s considered to be luxury and the sign of his owner’ tastefulness.

Barium crystal

The variety of crystal glass, for which barium is used instead of the common lead additive. As far as the main characteristics are concerned, such products are not worse than their substitutes.

Ecological crystal

One of the latest developments. This type of crystal contains neither lean, nor barium additives.

The shine and the play of light on crystal planes have been appreciated by the representatives of various epochs; crystal glass items have been admired and considered to be the luxury articles; they have been appreciated for their airy appearance, sophistication and elegance. Crystal glass has been used for interior decoration since the era of Renaissance and has stayed acute despite various fashion trends of different epochs: from fast-paced Modern up to hasteless luxury of Baroque. In contemporary interiors, crystal glass items are used to enrich such styles as Boho, Provence and Shabby-chic by being combined with natural finishing materials. In minimalistic interiors, crystal helps to avoid excessive simplicity and can be used as ceiling lamps, floor standing lamps and chandeliers.

Crystal glass in modern interiors

It was in the past, when its place was limited to dancing halls and royal boudoirs. But nowadays, when the advanced technologies have made it possible to substantially speed up and cut the cost of crystal glass production process, as well as to combine crystals with other materials and to produce them of various colors, you have an opportunity to place illuminating devices wherever you want: from bathrooms up to entry ways in common city apartment buildings.


A luxurious and majestic multilayer crystal ceiling lamp is still the queen of the genre and is the perfect match for the classical interiors, making them look solemnly and pompous. Illuminating devices, decorated with Swarovski crystals, will help to add a bit of exclusiveness to the interior and make it look more contemporary.

Crystal ceiling lamps in Modern style lack aristocratic chic and pretentiousness; they don’t occupy substantial space and look more like bright, shining disks, thanks to which they can be used for decoration in houses with low ceilings. You can find a crystal lamp, matching even an acute new-fashioned High-tech style; however, it will be either multicolored or monochrome black with chrome-plated insets. Pompous Baroque should be complemented with ceiling lamps with chandeliers.

Crystal illuminating devices in various rooms’ interiors

Living room

Traditionally, crystal illuminating devices are located in the very heart of the house – in the living room. Especially, if you aim at adding festive hints, nobility and aristocratism into it. A splendid classical crystal lamp will illuminate the room, and light will be refracted by it in millions of bright flashes and sparks.


For bedrooms, it’s better to use less pompous and “branchy” models, as they shouldn’t attract much attention. The best choice is a moderate, neat and elegant ceiling lamp.

Children’s room

A children’s room is not a suitable place for installing flashing and shining crystal lamps.


For entirely practical reasons, it’s advisable to avoid using crystal glass for a kitchen; otherwise, your regular, but not favorite task will be cleaning this lamp of fatty spews. However, such an illuminating device will be an extremely harmonious match for a dining room, if you have any in your house.

Entrance hall

Crystal illuminating devices are appropriate for entrance halls as well; however, this type of rooms is often of a moderate size, so it’s recommended to choose compact ceiling lamps.

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