Crystal glass in a modern interior

Crystal glass in a modern interior

Crystal curtains

Threads with beads and crystals, beaded on them, are called crystal curtains and used for decorating door and window apertures, as well as dividing kitchen, entrance hall and living room areas into separate zones. Such an accessory will be perfect in classical or Eastern interiors, creating magical and fairy atmosphere. Besides purely decorative function, crystal curtains can play around with lots of designer ideas, thanks to the play of light and its soft refraction.

Familiar and therefore, boring and habitual fabric curtains will fail to improve your mood on a cloudy autumn day and bring a festive hint into a common apartment. On the other hand, thin threads with beaded crystals of all sizes, that sway like seaweed, caught by the ocean currents, will definitely cope with the task. By the way, crystal curtains can become a full-fledged basis for the sea-style interior.


If the room where you plan to hang crystal curtains is rich with widows and natural sunlight, you will be able to enjoy its romantic modulations and play all days long. And in the evening, you will be surrounded by colorful play of light on the ceiling and walls, thanks to correctly allocated illuminating devices.

You can’t deny that these very surroundings will create the perfect, romantic and a bit mysterious and magical atmosphere in your bedroom.

Crystals, used for crystal curtains decoration, can be both transparent and sole-colored. Unicolor bright crystals are that very decoration, which will help to show illumination and general color and stylistic design of the room to advantage.

Crystal curtains, used in public places, will not only highlight the illumination, but also create an impression of privacy that beauty salons, restaurants and night clubs lack so much.

Crystal accessories

Any crystal element or accessory can help to make the interior lighter, more sophisticated and refined. In small rooms, one vase will be enough to become a stylish focusing point; however, large living rooms and halls will require several such decorations of the similar style. They can be combined with crystal door handles, crystal insets in solid wooden panels, decorated with handmade carving.

In such areas, as dining room, kitchen or living room, various kinds of candy dishes, plates, vases and statues can become the crystal accents. The key point is that they should match the ceiling lamp and surroundings as the whole.

Don’t put away your granny’s favorite old and a bit bulky service; it deserves a place in the very middle of the table on a light embroidered table cloth. Thus, even the simplest interior will gain a festive and gaily hint.

Keep in mind that crystal glass is not only the pompous classics. By hanging crystal beads on the ceiling in the children’s room, you will create a starry sky effect, which your little one will admire when listening to an evening fairytale. Unusual panel pictures made of Swarovski crystals will be a great decoration of any entrance hall or bathroom interior. By the way, for the latter dividing screens and wall panels of inexpensive crystal glass types will be suitable. The English country interior will feel not so bulky, thanks to crystal candlesticks.

Even for the poorly decorated and restrained office interior, a crystal decoration of a fashionable panel picture, a statue or an airy-looking writing set will be suitable; it will highlight the tastefulness and high status of this working area’s owner. Mirrors or pictures with crystal frames will help to visually enlarge and lighten small offices.

Swarovski crystals

One of the most useful qualities of crystal glass is simplicity and beauty of its cutting, thanks to which it starts shining and sparkling, playing in millions of various shades. This very quality was used by entrepreneurial craftsman Daniel Swarovski, who has created his own brand that is extremely popular and makes unbelievably beautiful crystals. Swarovski crystals are used for making outstanding pictures, jewelry, illuminating devices, decorations for furniture, clothes and various kinds of fittings.

Multicolor crystal glass

Besides the transparent and colorless crystals that we are used to, craftsmen has started producing multicolor types of crystals by using special colorants. For example, to get blue crystal glass, cobalt additive is used, and by adding iron green and yellow crystals can be produced. Such crystal can be applied for making absolutely different decorations: from lamps to statues and door handles.

Crystal glass in a modern interior

Despite being a bit more expensive than the classic one, multicolor crystal glass enables to bring all the designer ideas into life in the most advantageous way. However, colored crystal glass lacks the play of light and sparkles of colorless crystals.

Crystal Feng Shui

According to this Chinese doctrine, crystal glass should compulsory be present in every home. For it has the power to prevent intervention of malign forces into the house, to save from troubles and misfortunes and to bring harmony to the interfamilial relations. Its energetics is pure and pleasant, it enveils the surrounding space like soft and warm sea waves. By hanging a single crystal bead on the window, you will attract joy, prosperity and happiness to your home.

Taking care of crystal glass

To enjoy the shine of your crystal lamps, dinnerware and any other interior decorations, you should keep them clean. Crystal dinnerware should be washed only in cold water, for hot water can make it cloudy and sullen. You can use the mixture of a tablespoon of dietary salt and a couple spoons of vinegar to wash any kind of crystal item. It is not advisable to use soda for washing crystal dinnerware.


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