Cuba: the most cheerful holiday!

Cuba: the most cheerful holiday!

It’s true that there is everything on Cuba: snow-white sandy beaches, amazing Havana, small islands, Trinidad, which is considered to be a museum city …

Cuba the most cheerful holiday!

After landing in this picturesque land, you don’t need to hurry up immediately to one of the resort places, for the capital offers lots of interesting activities! Make sure to stay for a couple of days in many-sided Havana, woven from American and Spanish architectural styles. From the latter remained a picturesque Cathedral Square and from the Americans – expensive entertainment establishments, hotels, restaurants.

Time backwards!

In Havana people like vintage cars, which are everywhere here. Bright, uncommon “Beetles”, “Cadillacs” and even “Pobedas”! The esplanade is the hive of activity at any time of a day: musicians play, the doors of cafes and bars are welcomingly open, fishermen count their take. Tourists can also feel like the real seamen – just rent a boat and find a pointman. In result, you can get far more experience than you expected.

Luxury and comfort of Varadero

Varadero is called the “Lair of millionaires”. This is a sand spit with white sandy beaches, stretching for 20 km. Plenty of luxury hotels, villas and restaurants are built on the coast. One can find fresh seafood, fruit, a variety of delicacies on the tables of cafes, which lets the guest appreciate the generosity of this land. Moreover, in Varadero a water area, excellent for diving activities, surrounds a beautiful coral reef, which attracts many diving-lovers. On the coast operates more than a dozen of various schools, where even a beginner can learn all the diving subtleties. One can enjoy the underwater world of Cuba even without diving, for example, using a special submarine, which sets forth from Paso Malo lagoon.

Other resorts

For those, who likes privacy, the islands of Largo, Santa Maria, Guillermo and Coco will be the perfekt choice. All of them can justly be considered the gems of the Caribbean, for white sand, colorful fish, the sun and the gentle sea can win a heart of everyone. The quality of living conditions on these islands is not inferior to Varadero hotels, therefore, luxury devotees will be able to relax to a high standard here!

The heart of Cuba

You can find the true Cuba in Trinidad, which is famous as a museum city. Here, small streets are stoned, neat houses and villas are built, green parks and yards are laid out. This is that very place, where you can feel the real life of the country, different from the one on the expensive resorts or in Havana, so much beloved by tourists.

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