Curtains for living room: modern ideas

Curtains for living room: modern ideas

The task of the curtains in the modern living room is not limited only by protecting the room from prying eyes. Curtains fill the room with items of comfort that are used to decorate, accentuate main ideas of stylistic choice. Incorrectly chosen curtains can often completely erase all comfort in the room. Therefore, you should care about the design of curtains. You can browse directories to get the advice of a professional designer, to familiarize yourself with the types of material for curtains.

Curtains for living room modern ideas

Curtains living room, modern ideas

Today is not the time, when there a lot of different ordinary cloth curtains are hung on the standard curtain rods in every home. Modern trends spread so rapidly that sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with trendy innovations and modern directions. In order to understand the diversity of curtains, it’s advisable to identify the main types of them. After all, the most unusual styles of curtains are built based on them.

Types of curtains:

• Classic;
• With lambrequins;
• With claps;
• Japanese;
• Photocurtains.

Straight classical curtains

Main advantages are the ability so self-sew and low price. They are appropriate in small rooms with a simple décor. The main cons are that they are unable to give the interior features of modernity and sophistication.

Curtains with pelmets

They are used in living rooms to create comfort and coziness. These curtains well accentuate the curves of tiered ceiling and are suitable for rooms with moldings, columns and glass staircases. The lambrequins look great with any kind of lighting. In order to highlight the beauty of curtains, you can use both one chandelier and a whole lighting system arranged around the room.

Italians curtains with clamps

These curtains should be used in the living rooms with a high ceiling, because they can visually reduce low rooms. Straight canvases, tightened with clamps, looks strictly. They can create those sophisticated ease, that is inherit to the curtains with lambrequins. But it’s more easy to take care of such curtains: they are easily removable. And the process of ironing of these curtains is tedious.

Japanese curtains

It’s the modern idea for living room curtains, that’s made in minimalistic style. Fixing of such curtains is more complicated, but they don’t collect dust and are easy to clean. Picture of the fabric can match the color of furniture, but often is selected to contrast with the surrounding.


They are becoming popular. They have the opacity, are practical and easy to wash. It can be abstract compositions and variety of landscapes on it. These curtains are nice fit into the interior of the living room.

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