Dates – the guarantee of health for everyone

Dates – the guarantee of health for everyone

Amazing tree is growing in hot, sunny countries. It gives us tasty and nutritious fruit- dates. The inhabitants of the dry regions even call them the bread of the desert: It’s believed that only with them and water you can live for month, without harm for health. What are the benefits and harms of dates?

Dates – the guarantee of health for everyone

Benefits of dates for children and adults

Muslims think, that date palm fruits are sacred. Everyone eats it, especially children, replacing with the dried fruits and fresh berries different sweets. It’s also a good supplement to tea and milk. This fruit contains huge amount of vitamins, amino acids and nutrients. Vitamins of group A, B and C help to restore the beauty and health of hair, nails, teeth and gums and to prevent eye problems and liver diseases.

Contained potassium is good for the heart muscle, and magnesium helps to remove excess fluid from the body. The amino acid tryptophan stimulates the production of melatonin – the hormone of happiness, so regular intake of dates will save from insomnia, depression and help to restore mental balance.

Dates are very useful for the proper development of the baby in the womb: they perfectly enrich the pregnant body with useful substances. The fruit also helps to improve the tone of the uterus, reducing the likelihood of tearing during the birth. And it also allows to recover faster after the birth of a baby by increasing of oxytocin. Dates are essential, because their benefits and harms are incommensurable for nursing mother and enrich milk with full complement of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Regular intake of these fruits will help to boost the immune system, increase brain activity, impart vigor, physical endurance, gently cleanse the body from toxins. Dates are perfect sweet for children, because it’s safe for teeth and incredibly useful for the entire body. And you can fully substitute chocolates, cakes and pastries with these and other dried fruits.

Harm of dates

Like any other product, this dried fruit should be carefully taken in certain diseases:

• Diabetes;
• Obesity;
• Gastritis, stomach ulcer;
• Allergies.

But the presence of problems does not mean a complete rejection of dates: their use should be done more moderate, not systematic.

Dates are unique in its use fruits that fit everyone, especially children. It’s enough to eat a dozen berries a day to fill the body’s need for most nutrients and to improve health. The benefits and harms of dates, described in the article, is a proof of this.

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