Decorative pillows in the interior

Decorative pillows in the interior

Fashion to decorate the interior of the home with decorative pillows came to us from the East. Bright silk pillows embroidered with gold were a sign of the material well-being of the owners. In the Middle Ages the cushions used in wealthy homes as a footrest, in order to avoid the risk of catching a cold from cold floors; put on the saddle when riding a horse; used during prayers.

Decorative pillows in the interior

Today, this accessory is used for decorative purposes and is an indispensable everyday object. There are never too much of pillows. They decorate sofas, complement armchairs; they are put on the chairs and used as a separate piece of furniture.

How to choose the right pillow to emphasize the originality and individuality of the interior? What to combine them with? How to choose the shape and color? Consider these questions in more detail.

The choice of shapes, colors and material of pillow depends on its purpose. If such accessories will serve as decorative elements, you can not limit yourself in choice. The main thing is that they would blend with each other or with other objects in the interior. They can be made of different materials, have different size and shape. Standard-sized pillows (20 * 20 inches) are best suited for the bedroom; those ones in the form of funny animals are for children’s rooms, and very tiny (12 * 12 inches) are for the porch or living room. As decorations for such pillows ribbons, beads, crystals, decorative laces, appliqué, lace, three-dimensional flowers, and so on can be used.

When choosing pillows for the comfort you need to be guided by entirely different criteria. It is advisable to opt for a classic shape and medium size products, soft, with smooth surface and removable covers. Most of these pillows are used in the dining area; it is far more pleasant to lean back against the soft material, rather than a rigid chair.

Also cushions must integrate harmoniously with the selected style of interior decoration. For example, bean pillows with tassels or plain, but bright, pillows of saturated colors, emphasize the mysterious atmosphere of Arabic and Moroccan styles, and add a touch of oriental flavor. Velvet pillows with fringe will fall by the way in the luxurious Empire style. Mandatory condition: they must be combined with other elements of textile decoration. Leather pillows of concise forms of black, brown or white colors will complement the interior in minimalist style.

How to choose the color of the decorative pillows? You can show a maximum of imagination, play with colors. It all depends on whether you choose this accessory as an accent or a harmonious complement to the general background. For example, a version of the ‘tone on tone’ (pillows best meet the basic color scheme of the interior objects) is the easiest, but it will favorably emphasize the rigor and restraint of such styles as classic or minimalist. The opposite option is pillows, used as accents. In this case, these accessories should blend in color with carpet, curtains or a tablecloth.

Today, the choice of pillows is quite wide and varied. However, it is worth remembering that well-formed interior will not accept mistakes, even in small things. So choice of this accessory should be thoughtful and careful, taking into account your preferences and features of the room interior. Only the right choice will help to make the atmosphere of home warm and inviting.

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