Denim clothing style

Denim clothing style

One of the turning points in the history of the fashion world is the appearance of jeans. However, at first it was the clothes of miners and other representatives of working professions, but then it was appreciated by masters of high fashion, and everyone gradually started wearing it. The versatility of this garment is so liked by people all over the world that all new direction appeared – the denim style.

Denim clothing style

Style features

As the name suggests, denim style – is all kind of clothes made of denim. It’s not only jeans, but also jumpsuits, tunics, skirts of different styles, jackets, shirts, hats, backpacks and many other items for women, men and children’s clothing.

Denim has a special cut and are is stitched with lapped seam. Its main feature is incredible comfort and easy care. Good denim clothes are not stretched and doesn’t fade – it can only be wiped in case of long wearing. Perhaps, holes with jagged edges look great only on this type of clothes – another one isn’t allowed.

Common denim clothes are blue of light blue, but can be in different colors: red, green, yellow, black or brown. There can be a lot of metal rivets, zippers and bright lines. Rhinestones, lace, ruffles, embroidery and other colorful decorative elements are usually on the female models.

An important advantage of denim clothing, which is lover by everyone all over the world is its universality. Because it matches with different styles, from classic to sports.

Rules of wearing denim clothing

Yes, these clothes are very comfortable and versatile, but not everyone can wear it. Jeans are strictly prohibited by dress code in many companies. You shouldn’t wear it on celebrations, business meetings and other formal events. However, even without it there are a lot of reasons, where you can use your favorite jeans, dress or jumpsuit.
Jeans clothes can be wear on walks, trips to cinema, meeting with friends and any other places, where there is no strict ban on wearing this type of clothing.

What to wear with it?

Classic jeans are so versatile that they match with tops, blouses, cardigans, classic jackets, thick hoodies, leather jackets and, of course, plaid shirts. If you choose a common or sport top, wear sneakers or loafers, and if it’s chiffon blouse – you should put on lace-up high heels or pumps.

In some cases, you can wear jeans skirt to office. But it needs to pick up a classic shirt, blazer, heels and clutch bag or big bag.

Denim dresses of different styles are also popular. Case is also suitable for work, but a sundress or a dress-shirt is best reserved for the beach or an informal meeting.

There is a jeans jacket both in men’s and women’s styles. It’s a practical and stylish thing. It can be worn not only with jeans but also with classic pants, skirt or dress of any length.

Jeans clothes have special cut and can be in different colors. It’s comfortable to wear and very versatile. It goes well with clothing of different styles and always emphasizes the style of its owner.

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