Design of the mansard interior

Design of the mansard interior

Mansard rooms differ with romantic atmosphere and special comfort. Some time ago these rooms were used exclusively for storage of old things or as creative workshops, but now living in a room under the sloping wall is a sign of good taste. Therefore, practically every modern house design includes the presence of the mansard, which can be disposed differently. For some, this will be the storage space; for someone else it will be the warm living room.


Usually, the mansard is a bright, small room with a complex architecture, the walls of the room are often vertical or inclined relative to the floor. Due to the inclination of the walls the space of the room narrows, as well as the process of its furnishing complicates. Restricted area of the mansard requires careful use of every inch of space, so as to obtain a functional and comfortable space.

The most successful versions of the mansard interior design

When properly designing, it is possible to make a cozy mansard even from a very small attic; this will not be harmed even by the need for custom-made furniture.

Non-standard furniture will make a truly original housing from the mansard.

The most common free footage under the roof is used for sleep and rest. It is not difficult to come up with your own interesting design of the mansard, but the most popular and successful design solutions are the following.

The bedroom in the mansard

The shortage of living space is quite topical today. The solution of this problem could be the improvement mansard room. The resulting space can be used for a cozy, romantic bedroom.

Before you think through the future interior of the bedroom you should take into account some features of the attic. The first thing is to pay attention to the safety assessment, and it is necessary to examine the condition of the house foundation and make protective works if necessary. Typically, mansard rooms are not heated, so they should be sheathed with the outside noise insulation and waterproofing material, and, of course, you need to install the heating system.


Features of the bedroom design in the mansard, in view of the sloping walls, are in creative and innovative approaches. Most often, attic rooms are small, so in order to enlarge the space visually, when choosing the finishing materials, it is best to give preference to the light finishing materials.

The easiest solution in the choice of finishing material for the mansard can become interior wood paneling. In this case, the room will find both comfortable and stylish image. The fact is that though the wooden trim is the most popular option, but at the same time it bears some ethnic load. If the walls are covered with plasterboard attic, in this case, the best solution would be their wallpapering, the print of which depends entirely on the chosen style. It is also desirable to use wallpaper of light colors.

When planning the mansard room interior, special attention should be paid to the decoration of the ceiling, the color of which can be either perfectly white or pale blue, mint, and even peach. If the bright colors of finishing materials did not save the bedroom from the gloomy half-light, you can build additional window into the roof of the ceiling.

When a window is directly above the bed of the bedroom, its residents get the opportunity to admire the starry sky, and the morning sun not to disrupt the sleep, you need to install special roller blinds in the opening.

Children’s room in the mansard

Each child is interested in everything mysterious and interesting, so the idea to organize a children’s room in the mansard will be a real gift for any child. The kid feels very comfortable to be in a small and a non-standard room, in addition, the proximity of the clouds will pave the way for children’s dreams and fantasies.

In the development of children’s room design in the mansard design you should adhere to three basic principles – versatility, aesthetics and, of course, safety. In the first stage of the work it is necessary to verify the reliability of the stairs leading to the room, state of ventilation and heating systems, process all room with anti fire structure, etc. A good solution would be the installation of the air conditioner in the children’s room; it becomes a source of heat or coolness, and will complement to the main ventilation system.


After removing all the shortcomings, you can begin to develop a common design concept of the nursery. The main problem of the mansard lies in the broken low ceilings and elongated high ones. For a visual extension of the walls it is recommended to use finishing materials with the effect of stretching. It may be, for example, the wallpaper with vertical stripes, the same effect is produced by the bamboo wallpaper or European wall decoration or wooden paneling.

In order to relieve the severity of the fractures of not always comfortable ceiling, designers advise to create a single color space between the ceiling and the walls, that is the basic pattern of the walls should pass on the ceiling. An interesting and unique design will be with striped wallpapers glued separately on every kink, depending on its direction.

As for the colors of the children’s room, then there are no restrictions. Different colors and shades of color schemes can divide the room into parts. For the bedroom, one usually uses calm, pastel colors; the game part of the room can be decorated in various colors mix. Psychologists do not recommend the use of saturated shades of red, purple or pink for children’s rooms. They can only highlight the specific details of the room.

And, of course, first of all, the interior of the children’s room depends on the furniture. As well as with all existing mansard design options, the custom-made furniture is also used for the children’s room. And this fact is very positive, because in this case, if you beat all the details right, you can get the original and the most rational design.

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