Diet by colors: pros and cons

Diet by colors: pros and cons

For the sake of gaining a slim figure and curvy shapes women are willing to do anything and to decide on the most stringent experiments. There is a great amount of weight loss methods, and some of them surprise by the originality and unconventionality. Unfortunately, some people are so illegible in achieving the goal that are ready to decide on any step, just to lose weight.


It should be understood that every diet has its own action and effect, is based on certain principles: it is impossible to lose weight without the system. The same thing is with the diet by colors: this interesting technique has certain rules, observing that you can not only lose weight but also build a harmonious life. After weighing all the pros and cons of the diet by color, you can establish that it really helps in losing weight.

General principles and rules

Diet by colors is based on one principle: all edible products are selected in accordance with the colors of the rainbow. You can eat so many meals as you like: in this respect there are no limits, though overeating is not conducive to the achievement of good results. Every day you should drink two liters of water to avoid dehydration.

In addition, the diet of this kind has its basic rules, following which you will come to the desired result.

• Eat foods not in huge portions. Instead of having one meal a day, spread your diet so that you could eat 4-5 times a day. This fragmentation into small portions prevents the feeling of hunger – the main enemy of any diet.

• Start your day and end it with one cup of warm water. By doing so, we cheat our body: it seems that the feeling of hunger is absent; so we do not want to eat and consume less food.

• In any case do not load up at night: the last time you can eat is 2 hours before bedtime. In this case, you do not overload the body and do not contribute into the stagnant processes in the intestine.

• Not only what you eat is important, but also the manner in which it is cooked. No fried food: just steaming and boiling.

• At the time of dieting you should completely forget about the use of fatty foods, harmful junk food, fried food.


This diet can be used in different ways: you can eat either products of the same color every day, then change to other, or to eat them for a week. Let us first consider the pros and cons of the diet by colors for every day.

Rainbow diet

Day one: white

On Monday, you need to use the products only of white color. So, you can treat yourself to white chicken meat, cottage cheese, egg white, rice, fish and drink milk. Of course, mixed use of them in any case is impossible: you have to choose a few basic products and prepare them delicious. As a drink, you can use the usual boiled water, and white tea.

Day two: red

Tuesday afternoon is announced day of products, painted in revolutionary red. Thus, the dishes may include: pomegranates, tomatoes, beans, berries and apples of the corresponding color, caviar and a red fish, veal and beef. The preferred methods for cooking food are baking or steaming. On Tuesday, it is allowed to drink tomato juice, wine, tea and mineral water.

Day three: green

Wednesday flows under the banner of vegetarianism. And indeed, color diet involves not only eating meat, but also a large number of vegetables and fruits. The body perceives greatly such changes in the diet, and responds to them, improving the general condition. On Wednesday, you can use: green peas, avocado, kiwi, lime, pistachio, apple, celery, cucumbers, cabbage (both conventional and marine), beans, avocado, grapes. For drinking, green tea is, of course, perfect, as well as the usual mineral water.

Day four: yellow

On Thursday, you can recover from the discharge vegetarian Wednesday. On this day, you can afford to eat zucchini, peaches, cheese, honey, egg yolks, corn – in short, all the healthy yellow foods. Of course, they must be completely fresh, without any preservation. You can drink ‘yellow’ juices (eg. pineapple), strong black tea with lemon and eternal companion of diet – mineral water.

Day five: orange

The end of the working week we welcome with juicy colors. In your menu you can include mangoes, oranges, apricots, peppers, salmon, and other products that have bright and attractive orange color. As a drink, you can use fresh juices of orange color and, of course, mineral water.


Day six: purple

Saturday begins with a relaxing color. At the beginning of the weekend you can eat beets, liver, eggplant, pamper yourself with prunes, dark berries and grapes. The most suitable methods of cooking are baking and steaming. On this day you should drink mineral water and delicious berry juices.

Day seven: blue and light-blue

Sunday in the vast majority of people is a day off. Since no workload on Sunday is expected, you have a unique chance to relieve your body. That is why in this day you can eat and eat only plums and drink mineral water. Yes, you are growing outrage after reading these words, but think of the benefits that brings such a meager diet for your intestines. The main thing is to take care of yourself, and in any case do not ‘tear’, otherwise all your efforts will be lost in vain.

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