Dress in Latino style

Dress in Latino style

Modern designers are increasingly turning to the amazing culture of Latin America and offer dresses in Latino style to modern fashionable women. These dresses can be not just for special party and for dancing the Rumba and salsa. No, there are evening, cocktail and wedding dresses, made in this style. What are their characteristics?

Dress in Latino style

Sexy skirt

A special cut skirt features any dress in Latino style. It can be either short, or ankle-short. Mid-calf length is inappropriate in these dresses. Long skirt is cut out so that the fabric can easily lay down with the broad flounces. It should not have sewn ruffles, but, the waves of underlying tissue. A long skirt can have a deep cut, starting from the mid-thigh. Evening dress also can have an appropriate train. Dancing with them It is not very convenient to dance with this detail, but this item looks very exquisite.

The color of the outfit

Colors of evening dresses is not different from the concert costumes of the Latin dance performers. Black dress looks great with a long train. But bright saturated colors are more typical this style.

You can wear a turquoise, lemon, purple or red dress. You can even try on a gold dress. Latin is one of the few styles where it is permitted to carry gold material things.
Dress does not have to be sewn from solid fabrics. It’s allowed to have peas of all sizes, as well as animal prints – tiger or leopard color may be present on the evening dress of this style.

Bright decoration

The dress is usually decorated with a large number of sequins or faux gems. It can be a specific pattern. Or decorations are laid out in rows, close to each other. Due to such a large number of decorative elements the dress literally sparkles in any kind of lighting, and the owner unwittingly attracts the attention of people.

Short dresses are often decorated with fringe. It shimmers in the light with the slightest movement, and it makes the outfit more mysterious and sexy.

Dresses of any length can be decorated with feathers. The feathers can be the same tone as the fabric or the contrasting color. Feathers are placed in the chest area, on the top or edges of the cut.

What to wear with Latino style dresses?

You can wear shoes or sandals with high heels with such dresses. Shoes, as the dress, should be decorated with rhinestones, feathers or crystals. The Latino style image will be perfectly complemented with the bright clutch that can be made in the same style as dress or shoes. Hair can be collected in a bun or you can make a high ponytail or big curls. Do not forget the jewelry – wide bracelets and large hoop earrings.

Latino style dress is the outfit for those who are not afraid to be all night in the spotlight. It is sewed from bright fabrics and decorated with hundreds of sequins. If you always want to dance the passionate Latin dances, but never did it, make a bold experiment, buy yourself a dress and move to the nearest party.

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