Dry skin care

Dry skin care

Women have attracted with their face firm skin and a light blush on their face all time. But if your face is becoming dry and rough? To solve the problem of dry skin, you should get rid of the causes, that led to it. The expert dermatologist can help you best. If your skin is red and itchy – there could be symptoms of such skin diseases as xerosis, which need treatment. Dry skin can have microcracks, which the germs can get through and bring various infections and cause inflammation.

Dry skin care

Causes of dry skin

One of the reasons is the weather. Cold, wind and heat take away the moisture and the skin becomes dull and wrinkled.

Heaters and air conditions lead to the same result.

There may be aggressive components in the soap or other care products. As well as the vitamin deficiency, medications, not enough water intake per day (less than half a liter), the love of coffee, fried or alcohol – it all leads to the loss of water from the body.

The solution of the problem

You should monitor the hydration of the skin

Be sure to apply a moisturizer in morning and evening. You can use aloe Vera. It can be useful to apply an almond or olive oil overnight (blot the excess with a cotton pad), and wash with unheated water in the morning. (Oils are sold in pharmacies). Do not use hot water – it also dries.

Mask at home

Homemade masks are also useful

Lifting. Egg, vegetable oil. Grace face and neck with oil. Beat egg until smooth condition and apply to these parts of the body. Apply several times, after the skin is dry. Rinse with the hot and then with the cold water.

Nutritious. Yolk, honey and butter – spoon lemon juice – 3 drops. Mix all and apply on cleansed skin for 20 minutes.

Toning. Herbs: chamomile, linden, sage – 1 tsp pour with boiling water for 20 minutes. Wet a piece of gauze, folded twice, with this infusion. Use not the cold water for removing.

Recovering. One tomato, starch – 1 tsp, sunflower oil – 3 drops. Combine grated tomato, starch and oil. Apply for fifteen minutes. Rinse not with cold water.

Apply a moisturizer or cream before leaving the house. Use a sunscreen with UV protection.

Provide the face skin with a good blood circulation. Wash with a cold water, ice cubes of rose water or frozen decoction of a dill. Skin cells will be abundantly supplied with oxygen and nutrients.

After that apply humidification with massage movements.

Avoid semi-finished, dried or salty foods. Keep that meals include vegetables, fruits, berries, grains, nuts and seeds. Drink pure water before meals for 30 minutes, at least, 1.5 liters per day (the norm depends on the weight).

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