E-book is man’s best friend

E-book is man’s best friend

Rain is hitting the glass all day long, the aroma of the mint tea is relaxing, it’s so softly and warmly in the soft blanket, and there is something unusual, literally, a meter from you. Spaceships are making intergalactic flights, lovely ladies are flying to passion’s arms, and Raskolnikov is deciding to commit a crime. There will be a long road tomorrow, and you can spend it with Dontsova and Akunin. And tomorrow, at the meeting with your friens you will show off your erudition by quoting Coelho and Murakami. The most interesting books are always at hand nowadays, and you can choose the right story for your mind any time.

E-book is man’s best friend

E-books are a great treasure for all literature lovers. All Lenin library can be stored in one device. With 8 of 16 Gb storage you can read all sorts of literature you want.

The opportunity to create a priceless collection of works of favorite authors, that will be available at any moment is a real gift for any connoisseur of written art. You can find almost any book in Internet nowadays: from Homer’s “Iliad” to yesterday’s regional newspaper. The art of storytelling moved to digital world. You can quickly and easily download electronic books. Before you can choose it using different filters: author, genre. While selecting, you have an opportunity to learn a lot if useful information about your favorite author, readers’ opinions about works on the forum.

Such web-portals allow you not only to download books or magazines, but also to choose information, you need, about certain question or even to pick up another interesting book, that will discover you a new name in the world of literature. Books, downloaded in special formats (doc, rtf, txt) are easily opened on devices. Hands and eyes quickly adopt for reading e-books, and you can refuse it after a while. Because of its small size, you can always bring your favorite kind of entertainment with you, and look for free minute to read.

There are a lot of textbooks for students in digital format. Our children should not carry heavy bags now. Curriculum is already in their electronic devices. It’s cool that they also have an opportunity to take a quick look at any bookmark, left in modern textbooks.

The only disadvantage of e-books is the lack of “smell” and rustling of turning pages. But the ability to carry a large amount of literature, elegant design, comfortable usage and safety for eyes, far outweigh the “cons”, that can be called remnants of the past.

It’s unbelievable, but millions of world of Zelazny, Jordan and Strugatsky can fit in your handbag. Lines of favorites poets, proverbs and toasts are always at hand now. And large classical books are no longer collecting dust on the shelves. Their pride place is “in the pocket”.

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