Earrings with pearls: jewelry for a true lady!

Earrings with pearls: jewelry for a true lady!

Pearls is a precious gem. Any jewelry fills the image with tenderness, elegance and refinement with the help of pearls. The most common items with pearls are gold earrings. They are very versatile; never go out of style, easy to match with all dresses, fit into any image, suitable for day and for night time.

Earrings with pearls jewelry for a true lady

Types of earrings with pearls

Pearl has always been one of the favorite stones of all jewelers. Today the choice of types and forms of gold earrings with it is so great that even the most capricious fashionista will find suitable decoration for her:

1. Stud earrings. A timeless classic, simple, but with taste. These earrings are for every day. They suit to all without exception. They are excellent dilution for strict business attire.
2. Earrings of classical form. They are perfect for a date. They will make the image more feminine and romantic.
3. Delicate earrings with white pearls in a frame of the same color of gold. They are considered to be wedding decorations.
4. Long earrings. They will suit for the evening: dinner at a restaurant, theater or other social events. Make image mysterious and elegant.

Whom the golden earrings with pearls fit?

Because pearls can be of different colors, choosing jewelry with it you should take into account the color of the skin and hair. For girls, whose color personality is spring, pearl of cream and pink colors suit, summer ladies can choose any shade. Representatives of autumn type are recommended earrings with stones with a greenish or golden shade, and winter ladies will look great with black, gray or white pearls.

Young fashionistas look better with small earrings, better stud earrings of white or pink color; they emphasize the youth and freshness. Older ladies can choose long earrings, which look great with evening dress. If the color of pearls is black, it will add elegance, mystery and nobility to the image. Girls with large facial features can choose earrings with pearls with a diameter of 8-9 mm, and those whose facial features are more elegant, fit smaller stones – 6-7 mm.

How to choose gold pearl earrings?

When choosing earrings with pearl insert you should pay particular attention to the stones. A quality pearls have bright pearly luster, clean, flat and smooth surface without defects. Stone size may be different – the bigger it is, the higher the price of jewelry. The cost may depend on the shape of pearls. Most prized are stones of the seas, perfectly round, less – oval or teardrop. Below by the prices are freshwater pearls, because they are not as bright as the sea and, in most cases, have a rough surface and an asymmetric shape.

To be sure of the authenticity of the stones, it is worth buying jewelry only in specialized stores. This quality product has a sample showing how much gold is contained in the alloy, list of names by which you can find out where and when the jewelry was made, and a trademark – a label attached to the product with a thread with seal.

Gold earrings with pearls are a great accessory that emphasizes the good taste and style of their owner; this is jewelry for a true lady!

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