Ecostyle in the interior

Ecostyle in the interior

The architects recognized eco-style, that occupies a leading position along with a minimalist and elegant pop-art, as the main trend in the design of the room this year. If you do not have enough natural motifs for the home, be sure to try ecostyle as standard solution for the registration of the design space. In the original, design for the environment involves not only the use of environmentally friendly materials but also recycling and secondary application.


New trends of eco-style are a broad concept that includes not only the application and the use of natural materials in the design of the house (trim and furniture), but also the complete filling of parts of the premises, including lighting, the fine details of the interior with the natural components.

How to start making ecostyle in the interior of the house?

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the use of the material. Eco-style means using exclusively natural materials in the design of the space, from trivia, to serious finishing works and furniture. It’s recommended to use natural wooden floor boards. Today, manufacturers offer amazing flooring from different wood species. A good idea is to look at the design space of stone and marble that mimic natural texture. For floor boards it’s also recommended to select the option which, in your opinion, will be as close as possible to the natural structure. Even the shape of the floor boards could have a “jagged” structure, curved edges. A great option for this is, for example, a flooring Bolefloor. As a cheap alternative, you can choose flooring, such as famous manufacturer

– Tarkett, where there is an interesting model with a pronounced “wood” structure.
• For finishing works with your walls you can use natural greens. But, in order to fully realize this idea, it is necessary to provide drainage, irrigation and lighting in the flat. As practice shows, this idea is supported by many of those who appreciate eco style in the interior of the room. Stable moss for the wall will also perfectly fit into the design space.
• Vertical gardening. It’s expensive and not affordable to everyone. But this stunning effect will be achieved not only for you but also for your guests.
• If you don’t want to use vertical landscaping, try to use plants that will be placed along the walls inside the room. Most importantly, do not overdo with the landscaping, otherwise your apartment will become a “green garden”.

Stone is ideal for the design of walls (it’s much cheaper than gardening). If you also consider lighting for the wall, then you’ll get a stunning light reflection effect for the wall.


If you, don’t want to use the expensive “natural” finish, try to provide a neutral, light finish in the room. In this case, it is necessary to observe the rules of placing eco-friendly furniture, otherwise all your hard work will go in vain.

Furniture in eco-style space

You should be very careful while selecting furniture. Some of the options from natural wood, is not suitable for the premises of your apartment and may be only part of the decor for your country site. The designers give such recommendations: the furniture should be made of solid natural wood or of a more light and airy version of the wicker rattan. You can, for example, use furniture made of rattan as the “dilution” element of the decor of your room. For example, you have furniture made of solid wood throughout the room, and rattan racks also can be installed.

Rough wood can be used as a compensation of the background. You can see it in trends of Nature Design Furniture. You can find interesting models of coffee tables, where the legs are made from real driftwood in online stores. This option will look presentable with simple forms of couch and armchairs, they have to be of quiet shades.


In some furniture stores, for example, IKEA, you can find interesting wooden furniture in simple design. If you can’t find anything suitable in nearby stores, suggest you to do the following. Find out who parses wooden house, planks, logs and dumps for disposal. Ask them to sell you some logs, find folk craftsman, and he will create you a stunning table, chair, rack, everything, and the price of such works will be in tens or even hundreds of times less than a similar model in online store.

It’s also a good idea to use “wooden” theme in the bathroom. You can find interesting bamboo sink. As experts say, bamboo sink absorbs all the negativity at home. But if you don’t trust a sink, try a similar model from onyx.

If you are a fan of traditional plumbing, then we recommend to you use the wooden style lockers with moisture-proof facades in the bathroom design. A good idea to place a wicker basket for linen.

Wooden soap dish, bamboo towels, small baskets, cups of wood or bamboo will be also a good addition. Thus, the plumbing can be left traditional, but to widely use natural materials for accessories in designing.

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