English style – fashionable and elegant

English style – fashionable and elegant

What is the real British style? It’s a conservative classical dress with the rebellious street style and the virgin’s dew of the London’s garden. Fit on the true English fashion for looking like the true lady!

English style – fashionable and elegant

Classical Lady

Modesty and the best quality are the main points of the true English lady fashion. Fit on the woolen fitted dress without extra decorations, trenchcoat or coat, high-heeled shoes and use they all in the same palette (gray, beige, blue). Don’t forget your umbrella as England is the country of the rains. English lady like very much different unusual hats. Decorate it with the pearl brooch.

Queen Victory

Victorian England is on the peak of popularity. Designers sew dresses from silk and velvet of the deep tones (indigo, dark-green, wine-coloured) with the Johnny collar, decorated by the waves and laces. Fit on the inverness and the shoe boots with ribbon. It will look nice with the open-work accessories: earring chandeliers, medallion.

Without red lipstick and radiant make-up the fashion won’t be completed!

Alice in the Wonderland

If you want to look like the heroine of the Jane’s Austin novels or the lady of the fairytale, fit on the fashion of the “English rose”. It’s characterized by the freshness and clearness: delicate pastel shades (pink, light-green, light-blue, peachy), floral design, flat, accessories that look like roses. For example, you may fit on the silk blouse with the flared vintage skirt, and on the top wear slim cardigan. The tight shoes will complete your fashion. Your make-up should be conform. Don’t use any fresh colors. Use even the mascara and rouge. Make the hair bun and decorate it with the lacy ribbon or the bar pin that look like flower.

Free heart

Freedom-loving and informal style has become casual on the fashionable podiums long ago. In this season it became too exiting. But you shouldn’t use in your fashion every thing in this style. London’s sharp dressers use even one or two things in this style to look perfect. For example, it can be leather biker jacket (not black, just in dark tone), the Bermuda leather skirt or the metalized jumper.

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