Essential Resources No Self-Respecting Movie Buff Should Be Without

Essential Resources No Self-Respecting Movie Buff Should Be Without

Are you a movie junkie always on the hunt for your next fix? Do you love discovering new films in your genre of choice and sharing your finds with your film-loving friends? Thanks to entrepreneurial companies within the film-and-television sector, there are more resources than ever for movie mavens like you.


Check out the following collection of tools for film fanatics to see which ones can help you hunt down new cinematic releases to watch:

MovieSniper helps you discover new movies based upon keyword research. Enter three words into the MovieSniper search engine and instantly be offered a variety of movie titles you might enjoy. Search for everything from romantic comedies to horror films or science fiction movies.

Croovies uses crowdsourced ratings to help you find new films to watch. Discover new movies based upon whether others would watch the film a second time, the quality of the storyline, and whether the film was rated as original or not. Croovies even offers a discussion board where movie buffs can comment on their latest film finds.

MovieLaLa is a phenomenal app for movie junkies. Use this engaging iOS mobile app to discuss the latest movie you watched, find new cinematic marvels to enjoy, or keep updated on upcoming movies and recently released preview trailers. You can buy movie tickets via this handy app, chat with other aficionados like yourself, and even get a feed of Hollywood information personalized to your tastes.

It is definitely an awesome time to be a movie connoisseur. There are all sorts of platforms and mobile applications being developed for hardcore junkies like you. How many of these terrific tools will you be checking out to see if they can help you find new films to enjoy?

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