European Pedicure: Features

European Pedicure: Features

Today, the European pedicure is a very popular maintenance procedure. Thanks to it, it is possible to make nails shiny and skin of the feet soft and velvety. The main advantage of this pedicure that there is no risk to cut you and enter infection to the body through the blood.

European Pedicure Features

Features of the procedure

During European pedicure the scissors or other sharp instruments, which can disrupt the integrity of the skin, are not used. If you do unedged pedicure regularly, the growth of the skin around the nail is gradually slowing down. You can forget about the cuticle, burrs, ingrown nails and other problems.

European Pedicure is machine, dry and wet. The most effective is dry; at first it is done twice a month, and then once a month.

How do unedged pedicure at home?

If you want to treat yourself, you can make this pedicure in the salon. If there is no financial ability, do it at home; this procedure requires no special skills.
First you need to remove the old nail polish, if there is any. It is advisable to use a liquid without acetone; it does not thin and does not damage the nail plate. Do not strip off the polish with scoop or a nail file!

After removing the nail polish, apply on your nails a special tool to remove the cuticle. It specifically acts on the dead skin cells that are around the nail and gently dissolves them. This tool is a great alternative to scissors that can injure living skin.

When the cuticles are soft, you need a wooden scoop to push them. During any operation with nails you need to use scoops of wood instead of metal. Even sterile steel tool can damage the nail or the skin and cause inflammation.

It is necessary to polish the nails with special nail file. Choose polishing nail file with a fine grain; it gives nails a healthy glow without damaging them.

Then the edge of the nail is processed. To do this, take the diamond nail file and file away plate to the desired length. You cannot file away regrown nail completely; you should leave 2-3 mm. It is not only beautiful, but also safe –as a nail will not grow into the skin.

After that you need to treat your skin. First, it is applied to a nourishing cream; if there is no special, normal one for hands or face will be suitable. The main thing is not to spare the cream and apply it thickly. To it infiltrated the skin well the feet are wrapped in plastic film or foil and left for half an hour. Then you need a pumice stone to process the entire foot, paying attention to problem areas – heels, corns. Metal scrapers-graters are allowed to use. But here we must proceed with caution – one the movement can damage the already living skin. Then the nails should be wiped with alcohol and covered with polish.

Spa and machine pedicure

Spa pedicure is the same as the dry. But first you need to make a herbal bath and steam the skin of the feet. To remove dead cells from the skin, you can use the scrub. During machine pedicure dry skin is processed by special machine, which makes the feet soft and smooth.

Any kind of unedged pedicure is perfectly safe. People with any skin diseases and diabetes are allowed to do it. This pedicure is ideal for those who are tired of burrs, which are often inflamed, sore and cause discomfort.

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