Evening Blue Dresses

Evening Blue Dresses

Women choosing evening and cocktail blue dresses always attract the attention. That’s exactly why you should choose attire in one of the magnificent shades of this special colour for a festive occasion. Whatever the event, f.e. wedding, graduation ceremony or formal dinner party, the dress in magic and electric blue tone will turn a woman into a perfect goddess.

Evening Blue Dresses

Evening dresses in blue shades

Blue is a unique colour. It has a rich palette that can be divided into three groups of tones: sea-green, neutral blue and blue with lilac shades.

Blue tones vary in the colour density, they can be different from light-blue to deep sapphire:

– pale-blue;

– azure;

– cobaltic;

– blue;

– ultramarine;

– sapphire.

The evening dresses in these colours suit girls and women of any colourtypes. They splendidly accentuate the blondes’ sensitive charm and soften the brunettes and chestnuts’ striking beauty. The other tones of blue f.e. soft aquamarine, deep turquoise and bright cyan will be perfect for women with tanned skin.

Stylists recommend girls and women with dark blonde hair and gray or green eyes to choose the evening dresses in blue colour with lilac shade. There’re such colours as:

– cornflower-blue;

– periwinkle-blue;

– lavender-blue;

– Persian blue;

– amethyst;

– indigo.

Fashionable styles of blue evening dresses

In their recent collections designers presented the original styles of evening dresses. This mysterious blue colour and its shades inspired many stylists to make magnificent evening and cocktail attires. In new season there’re several trends related to the evening fashion: the decoration of a dress with a great amount of feathers or 3D-flowers and the usage of thin and transparent material with splendid embroidery.

Now the most popular materials for evening dresses are brocade, velvet, lacy linen and natural silk. Also, designers didn’t overlook the materials with spangles. While one stylists prefer making dresses of self-coloured blue materials, the other present marvelous dresses in which blue is combined with lilac, black and green.

The most popular styles are asymmetrical: dresses with one sleeve, patterns with wide neck without one sleeve and models with a deep hot cut on the skirt. A dress-corset made of satin materials and completed with a long skirt in contrast colour is an in-demand trend of evening fashion now.

Accessories for blue evening dresses

While choosing accessories stylists recommend to follow this rule: the darker and deeper the dress’s tone, the simpler the accessories must be. The rich shades of blue colour will make an evening or cocktail dress great anyway. The light and delicate tones will allow you to choose the showy accessories f.e. big brooches, big rings or long earings with imitative gems.

The dresses in spectacular blue tones of silk, velvet and lacy linen will create the attractive look for an evening occasion and will let you shine just like a gem in elegant setting.

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