Everyday Beauty Tips

Everyday Beauty Tips

Each representative of the gentle sex always wants to look attractive. So, today we would like to share with you simple home beauty secrets that will help you quickly achieve the desired purpose. Read everyday beauty tips and try them at your pleasure.


Yoghurt Face Mask for Beautiful Skin

Cosmetics company annually offer women throughout the world to buy a great number of face care products. The choice of creams, masks and lotions is so large that everyone can get lost in this variety. Unfortunately, a bright tube and an attractive advertisement can’t guarantee the real quality and efficacy of a chosen product.

So, we offer you to try the proven product that you can find in any supermarket or cook yourself at home. It is very cheap and consists of only natural ingredients. This is about simple yoghurt containing a sufficient amount of fats and live-culture components. If you use it correctly, it can improve the condition of problematic, dry and even fading skin.

How to make the nourishing mask at home? The recipe of this plain cosmetic product is very simple:

• Crush 1 tablespoon of oat flakes and mix it with 3 tablespoons of yoghurt.
• Add 1 teaspoon of honey and mix the ingredients.


This care mask suits any skin type. But before using the mask it is necessary to ensure that you are not allergic to honey. So first apply the mixture on the inner side of the elbow and wait for an allergic reaction for a while.

If your skin is sensitive, you can just apply yoghurt on the face. In a few minutes wash the mask out and enjoy the result. Before applying the wonderful product ensure that it doesn’t consist of sugar and preservatives.

Cosmetic Clay

Every woman must have a small box of white, blue, green or pink clay. In ancient times clay was used to cure skin diseases and was applied as a cosmetic product.

If you dilute white clay in water until it will turned into thick pasta, you will get an excellent mask for combination and problematic facial skin. The regular use of this product can help you get rid of oily shine and prevent acne and redness. Your skin will become supple and gentle.


Blue clay masks will also help you get rid of fine expression lines and improve the complexion. This cosmetics is often used to cure acne, pigment spots and freckles. Besides, blue skin is also known as an effective remedy for alopecia.

Green clay consists of iron oxide and a large amount of microelements. It helps improving elasticity of the skin and recovering the broken hydro balance. It is often used for anti-cellulite wraps as after applying the mask facial skin becomes taut and smooth.

Pink cosmetic clay lifts the face contour, improves blood circulation and smoothes out wrinkles. Masks of this natural material suit women with any skin type.

How to Get Rid of Swellings

“Backs” under the eyes are associated with sleepless nights, alcohol abuse and unhealthy lifestyle. Needless to say, swellings don’t make a woman more attractive. If you have to spend much time sitting in front of the computer monitor and working in smoked places, or if your schedule doesn’t let you go to bed in time, then use our everyday beauty tips.

Firstly, try to establish your daily regime. Secondly, abandon fatty and salty food. And, finally, use home-made cosmetic products about which we are going to tell you further.

A tea compress helps removing swellings and improving the condition of the skin around the eyes. To prepare it we don’t recommend to use paper bags because their quality is questionable. Such experiments often cause conjunctivitis or inflamed skin. It is better to make good strong tea, dip a sterile gauze cloth into it and place it on the eyes. You can conduct this procedure in the morning before making-up or in the evening in a comfortable and quiet atmosphere.


If you want to get an immediate effect, use ice cubes. By the way, you can freeze chamomile extract or tea in advance. If you are not allergic to herbs, you will get the effect faster. To complete the procedure correctly it is necessary to take into account several rules. Firstly, wrap ice in a cloth not to freeze the fingers. Secondly, don’t press the face with it. Just imagine that you are an artist and you are carefully painting with a brush completing it with gentle dots.

Cooled pieces of cucumbers also have an excellent effect. Place it on the eyes and sit calmly for several minutes.

Simple potatoes can refresh the skin around the eyes and remove swellings. Just peel a potato and cut it into small wedges. Apply two wedges on swollen skin and wait for ten minutes. After completing the procedure wipe the face with a damp cloth.

Another accessible mean of getting rid of “bags” under the eyes is sponges that are sold in any cosmetic shop. Just take them out of the package and fit them on the eyelids.

All means listed here have a positive impact and you can choose the one that suit you better at a particular moment.

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