Everything about the stay on Koh Tao

Everything about the stay on Koh Tao

Koh Tao or Tao island is located in the Gulf of Thailand. This place attracts tourists with a well-developed infrastructure and spectacular views. The most popular activity here is diving. But that’s not all. Koh Tao is an amazing area of Thailand where you will have a lot of positive emotions. There is untouched nature, that you can endlessly admire, modern hotels, comfortable beaches and plenty of restaurants and cafes.


Do you want to relax in comfort? Then go on Koh Tao. And now we’ll tell, about what this island prepare for you and other tourists.

The climate

Koh Tao has tropical humid climate. The rainy season lasts here about six months – heavy showers are held a couple times a week, starting in June and ending November. Especially heavy rains are observed in the middle and the end of autumn and their duration is several hours. But with the advent of February until April the weather is mostly dry.

It’s hot on Koh Tao all year long. In spring there is an increase of air temperature up to +34…+35°C; and it’s colder from October to December– about +31…+32°C. But the sea always remains constant – +28°C.

At night, the temperature falls and becomes more comfortable. The average is: winter +21°C, spring +26°C, in summer +25°C, fall +23…+24°C.

Who will like Koh Tao?

The specificity of Koh Tao lies in the fact that it is considered as a youth resort. There is always fun and quite noisy on the beaches. Nature, the atmosphere and relatively low prices on diving certificates contributes into it. The local water is incredibly clean and rich in fauna and beautiful flora.


If you’re heading to this place only to enjoy its underwater world, then you will not be disappointed. Plus, there is a rather large number of diving schools, the experts of which will help you to master the occupation of the diver. Under the guidance of professionals, you can easily pass the entire course, and then be able to obtain a certificate.

But Ko Tao is waiting for not only lovers of diving and other water sports. This resort can appeal for those, who prefer a relaxing beach vacation. However, it is necessary to choose the right hotel, because you can’t find decent beaches on every part of the island. The homeliest place is the Western side of the island, where you can find two popular beaches: Mae Haad and Sairee. It is always crowded and there is something to watch.

But if you need beautiful white sand and calm sea, then your attention should be drawn to the South and East of the island. The quiet beaches, few people and plenty of free space are here. And here you can also find not just sand, but rocky islands.

As for the beach infrastructure, there are hotels, small cafes, cozy bars and restaurants almost everywhere. In addition, here you’ll find massage parlors, shops and even small markets. But note that the majority of these sites located on the South and West coast of Koh Tao, and the rest of the area is relatively deserted – two or three hotels, in which there is only a restaurant.

Where to go, what to see

There is much to see on Koh Tao, both underwater and on land. However, the attractions are purely natural, but incredibly expressive and memorable. Tropical beauty of local landscapes is amazing and most vividly appears before the eyes of tourists from viewing platforms: Two View, Rama V rock, John Suwan, Fraggle Rock. You can see waterfalls from different points of the island, enjoy the beauty of coves and just enjoy the views.


In fact, each of the bays is a unique natural attraction, that have its own beauty and attractiveness. Next places will be good for day trips:

• Koh Nang Yuan;
• Freedom Beach;
• Laem AO Thian;
• Mango Bay;
• Hin Wong Bay;
• Tanote Bay.

Each of these bays can be reached by land or by water. However, the route must be carefully addressed in consultation with the local, as the roads in some areas are in very poor condition and can be “won” only by SUV.

How and where to have fun during the day

Most travelers devote their entire day to reading and water sports. Here you can ride on water skis and boating-kayak. Some prefer to rent a bike or boat and to walk on their own. Hiking, during which you can reach the most secluded and interesting places, where you can’t reach by bicycle of the island is also popular.

And of course, diving. When you look at the local population, it seems, that everyone here is good at this sport. Most of the residents are either divers, or teachers, or just studying this case. There are more than 50 schools on Koh Tao, where everyone can learn the art of diving. Some of them are Russian instructors, but most of them are English. One teacher is gaining a group, consisting of 3-4 students, and all necessary gear is provided solely by an educational institution.


There are all conditions for diving on Koh Tao: the lack of strong currents around the island, beautiful flora and diverse fauna. Under water you can see turtles, bearers, butterfly fishes, barracudas, corals, whale sharks, and reef sharks. Shark Bay, which is considered one of the best places to dive, is very popular.

Here you can see blacktip sharks, that are not dangerous for people.

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