Everything about the trip to Hawaii

Everything about the trip to Hawaii

Hawaii is a paradisiacal archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. It consists of several islands, reefs and rocks. Each individual island is unique in its own way, but they are all beautiful and incredibly picturesque. Coming here, tourists will be immersed by the wonderful world of luxury tropical forests, lush gardens and mysterious Glens. On the one hand the island meets the traveler with white beaches and bright turquoise ocean waves, canyons, similar to the great pyramids and the desert plateau. Hawaii is a separate world, with its fantastic waterfalls, active and dormant volcanoes and spectacular flora and variety of fauna.



There is humid climate on Hawaii, the temperature throughout the year remains approximately in the same range. The rain season falls on the period, which lasts from October to March, the rest doesn’t rain. But even in the “wet” season, when there is often a grey weather, rain rarely goes more than three days. The Hawaiian Islands are sometimes visited by tropical cyclones. This often happens in the period from June to November.

Hawaii have on their territories a variety of valleys and plains, which sometimes spill over into the mountain peaks. And the climate in different parts of this picturesque place depends on it, and it is particularly felt during travels in the mountains: the weather can dramatically change in just a few hours and the summer suddenly turns into the winter. In addition, the climate situation will depend on the location, as each island has two sides: leeward is the Western and southern regions, where it is usually warm and dry, and the windward Northern and Eastern parts, which are more humid and cool.

But in General, the climate on Hawaii is quite soft. In winter, the temperature here is in the range of +27°C, and in summer rises a little and is +31°C. However, even in the hottest summer day the indicator of the thermometer will not exceed: the maximum height rarely rises above +33°C. the Ocean water here is also very warm in summer +28°C, in winter +25°C. At night the air is slightly cooler and the difference between the night and day values is not more than 12°C.

Leisure features

Hawaii can be very surprising. This is not only a place with beautiful nature and optimal temperature, which does not practically deviate from the level of +30°C throughout the year, but also the amazing exotic resort, where everyone will be able to find a secluded area. Hawaii is a fast-paced cowboy rodeo, breathtaking, and cozy little towns with small shops, that brew the most delicious coffee in the world.


Shoppers will also find out, what to do on Hawaii. This place is a real storehouse of national souvenirs, as well as ethno-decoration and outfits. Everyone wants to take everything of it: traditional Hawaiian shirt and Hawaiian dress, muumuu, ceramic things and jewelry, Kona coffee and of course, local fruits and macadamia nuts.

If you wish to sample local cuisine, there is not of a kind here. Restaurants and cafes, usually, offer seafood and fruits, and such institutions in large cities are specialized on dished of international cuisine.

When to go to Hawaii?

Our citizens are trying to go to warm countries, mainly in the time, when it’s already quite cold in their homeland. But in the case of the Hawaiian Islands you should do differently. The peak of the influx of tourists falls on the period from December to March-April, respectively, the prices rise, and the resorts are almost fully booked. And if you have planned your journey on one of the Hawaiian Islands for that period, then be prepared to pay a lot and relax together with a huge number of neighbors. Don’t forget to book a room in advance.

But the best seasons, from all points of view, in Hawaii are spring – from the third decade of April to June, and autumn – from September until the third week of December. The climate is mild, the weather brings surprises, prices and the influx of tourists gradually decrease – in short, exotic Paradise truly becomes a Paradise. The only thing that can blow up the peace and tranquility is three Japanese holidays, that follow one after the other in the last week of April. During this period in Hawaii, you can expect some influx of travelers from the land of the rising sun.

How to have fun in Hawaii

Hawaii is a place where you’ll never get bored. There are many ways to explore the nature of this amazing place. Hiking and eco-tours allow you to leisurely enjoy the surrounding beauty, tourists are also offered tours on horseback, ATV, cars and even airplanes. In addition, there is an incredibly rich underwater world, which appears in all his glory in front of fans of diving and snorkeling.


The most popular and interesting destinations are the following:

• The Big Island of Hawaii;
• The island of Oahu;
• The island of Maui;
• The island of Kauai.

Hawaii is the ideal place for surfing and other water sports, especially the North coast. In winter there are long swells that were formed as a result of storms and gales. These waves are considered as the most favorable for surfing, as they are stable in frequency and orientation. There are instructors on many Hawaiian beaches, that will help everyone who wants to increase your skill level.

The island of Oahu is the most popular among the surfers. There you can enjoy diving, swimming, water skiing, sailing or kayaking.

But speaking about diving, its fans mostly pulled together on the island of Maui. Here comes the most fantastic sight under the water – this picturesque colony of coral, colorful fish and amazing sea turtles. There are many diving centers on the local beaches, where people undergo training and receive a PADI certificate. And in the Western and southern parts of this island swimming with a snorkel is practiced, as it’s relatively low depth. If you move South-West from Maui, you can get to the tiny island called the Molokini. This natural area is under special protection, because underwater world here is extremely rich and diverse.

The islands, such as Kauai and Maui, provide tourists a unique opportunity to see migrating humpback whales. This amazing spectacle can be enjoyed in the period since the second half of

December to the third decade of April.

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