Eyelash extensions. For and against

Eyelash extensions. For and against

Long eyelashes are the dream of every girl. Long and beautiful eyelashes can markedly accentuate the look and highlight the eyes, giving the owner a special finesse and charm. Unfortunately, nature isn’t ready to give such wealth to everyone. The beauty industry can help a lot, not just tinting your eyelashes, but also increasing them. Many of girls have tried this method, and here we’ll cover the pros and cons.

Eyelash extensions. For and against

The pros of eyelash extension

It should be noted, that the great advantage is the durability of eyelash extensions. Of course, long-term wearing largely depends on the master and the quality of raw material, matcher to your eyelashes. But considering that fact, that the specialized salons are trying to give their customers the best, we can say that these lashes are able to stay in the eyes of its owner for, at least, one month.

If you remember how much money you have to spend constantly on eyes cosmetics, you’ll be horrified. Only the tonic for makeup removing is able to create a hole in your budget, so the extended eyelashes can save power, time and money. Increasing eyelashes, you will stop spending money on mascara and other necessary things for eyes.

It’s also worth noting, that they hold well and it’s really not easy to spoil such beauty. Due to high humidity, rain or tears, the extended eyelashes will never lose its appearance, and it can’t be said about the mascara, that always spreads.

The girls, who are not satisfied with the shape of their eyes, also need eyelashes. It costs nothing to improve the shape and size by increasing.

Cons of eyelash extensions

As we know, every good thing has a reverse hard-hitting side. That same situation is with the extended eyelashes.

A significant disadvantage is that with the frequent adjustment (it always need a constant correction), the natural lashes suffer, gradually thinning. Therefore, extending your eyelashes, think about where you’ll be able to restore them.

It’s also worth noting, that you should sleep on the back and rarely on the side. If you press your nose into the pillow, your lashes will stay on it.

It’s often necessary to abandon the ordinary cosmetics, since a lot of it contains fatty components, that the glue for eyelashes abhors. You should forget about the sea and the beach. And even the washing will take more time and need more care.

Are you ready for this?

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