Fall 2016 Maternity Fashion

Fall 2016 Maternity Fashion

Expectation of the child’s birth is the happiest and the most reverent period of every woman’s life. An expectant mother becomes rather attractive with her intangible beauty bearing a new life. During this period the woman’s body is dramatically changing so a new wardrobe is unavoidable. Modern fashion trends let a pregnant woman look beautiful, stylish, moreover, really sexy and attractive all the time. Don’t have complexes about round belly, don’t hesitate to appear in the streets, communicate with other people and follow habitual lifestyle. It’s enough to mind fashion recommendations, and these several months of pregnancy you’ll be in pleasant and happy mood because of the feeling of your attractiveness and appeal.


How to Choose a Dress for Pregnant Women

You can solve the problem with clothes by choosing individual sewing or buying the dress in a special maternity shop. But, unfortunately, these opportunities are not always available. Some common styles can become the good variants.

Today dresses in Greek style and with high waste are very fashionable, and you can wear such dress not only during the whole pregnancy period: it’s just necessary to choose the right bottom part’s width, and you can put it on even if you’re not pregnant. The successful style emphasizing shoulders, neck and graceful arms is able to hide belly in early pregnancy completely and to hide some figure flaws after childbirth until you regain the figure. Such dresses will also suit women of any constitution and height.

Only women with big breasts are better not to wear such dresses. Dress-shirts, bell dresses and dresses with loose asymmetrical skirts will also look stylish and harmonious. They all easily match comfortable shoes without heels.

How to Choose the Length of Maternity Dress

First of all, maternity clothes must be comfortable, loose, it shouldn’t hinder movements and it must have the correct length. A miniskirt can hardly suit you even if you like this type of clothes very much. It won’t let you feel relaxed and comfortable and your look itself will be visually unbalanced. Remember that first impressions are more lasting!


The most appropriate length of a dress or a skirt for pregnant women is above knee, may be, higher a bit but not too much. It’s the common length that you can use not only if you are pregnant but also if the dress code circumstances allow only this length.

Jackets Are Indispensable

Due to the comfort and multifunctionality which had been long appreciated, this article of clothing has never gone out of fashion. It can become the real «magic bullet» for an expectant mother. Indeed, jackets match trousers, skirts and dresses, regardless of their styles.

It’s necessary to choose its correct length and more universal color scale to wear it not only for working or celebrating a holiday but also for visiting friends or just walking through the city. The most convenient length of jacket for pregnant women is mid-thigh. The modern fashion offers wearing the jacket with three-quarter sleeves. Peplum jackets as well as classic variants are recommended not only for pregnant women but also for women having some excess weight in abdomen area. Today the jackets without clasps are especially spectacular and fashionable, and wearing it an expectant mother will feel modern, stylish and following the newest trends.

How to Choose a Blouse

Pregnant women are recommended to wear blouses with high waist. It’s necessary to choose the mid-thigh length if you want your blouse to survive until giving birth. If your stomach is getting bigger, the blouse won’t ride up too high and bulge looking unaesthetic and making you feel uncomfortable.

The trend coming from 50-s is very fashionable now. It is a wide basque attached to the area under the breasts that can hide the belly at any gestation. This year, basques are particularly appraised by designers who use them while sewing all articles of clothing without exception.

Loose blouses with some smell look really womanly and can mask changing waist very well.

Like in 20-s

First of all, many years ago the women’s fashion was characterized by desirable elegant femininity, so clothes of 20-s will be of comfort and harmony to an expectant mother. Low-waist dresses, blouses and sweaters will not only mask your salient belly but also let you feel comfortable. What is more important is that the fabric mustn’t stretch over the stomach but fall in soft folds.

Maternity Trousers

This men’s article of clothing had been come into women’s common use so firmly that some moms who are even pregnant couldn’t indulge in wearing these comfortable and practical clothes. And they are right! Because in cold and rainy autumn trousers are warmer and more convenient. In this case you don’t have to worry about how to bend over or sit down with salient belly. In trousers all important parts of the woman’s body are protected from probable draughts.

Maternity trousers differ from usual trousers as there are special bandage or knitted inlets which support the belly and don’t tighten it. In early pregnancy you can wear fashionable trousers with high back part and low front part that is so convenient for the stomach. In early autumn you can choose long classic trousers, soft jeans or cotton or linen knickers. In cold November an expectant mother is recommended to wear cotton combination or warm trousers of mixed fibres with elastane.

During pregnancy woman’s legs keep the slimness and the beauty. So don’t change your style while choosing trousers. It’s enough to choose the most favourite cut but to visit a special shop. Also put on a loose tunic to look stylish, elegant and slim.

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