Fashion fragrances of autumn 2016

Fashion fragrances of autumn 2016

A good perfume is a mandatory component of the stylish and harmonious female image. The right perfume composition is capable of giving self-confidence and igniting the around the world in bright colors. So have well-known perfumers prepared for us in the current season? It is possible that you are already waited by the ‘100% YOUR’ flavor!


Fashion fragrances of the autumn 2016: the main trends

Perfume or toilet water is able to tell a lot about its owner. This is the fragrance creates original opinions of others about your modest person.

Every year the world-famous brands release new perfume compositions, which invariably find many fans among the fine ladies. Reasons to buy a brand new toilet water or perfume can be different. Some people become bored of old flavor, someone has not found ‘their’ odor and someone in general have the whole dressing table or shelf in the bathroom lined with a variety of flavors, which is perfectly normal, because the female soul is changeable as the weather in the autumn day.

In autumn 2016 the global market of perfumes is flooded with ‘flower’ news. Another trend of this season is possible to consider the release of the new Eastern scents that produce heat and light veil of sexuality.

This fall on the shelves allocated for new items of cosmetics, there is no room for ‘heavyweight’ perfume with a dense plume. Such flavors of course, if you do not have deep affection to them, can safely be left in the past. Among the novelties of the season, there are virtually no compositions, which filled with excessive boldness, pressure, activity. All these qualities are ‘overboard’ the fashion trends. In the flavors of autumn 2016, only hint at the strength of character and noble impulses to achieve the desired are appropriate.

In the fashion collections of perfumery of autumn 2016, there are instances that differ in their characteristics. Among them are the flavors for really young girls, successful modern women, the ladies in the noble age.

The glorious five of the flower odors 2016

GucciBamboo is floral, woody fragrance. At the admirers of the brand, it is clearly associated with a bag of Bamboo, which since its inception by the brand designers has already become a legend in the fashion world. In the composition one can easily recognize the notes of bergamot, lily, ylang-ylang, orange tree, Tahitian vanilla, which open gradually and give its owner an unforgettable experience. This perfume combines the femininity, tenderness and the very intense notes that are allowed to be a trend this fall.

DavidoffCoolWaterTenderSeaRose is perfume, which migrated in the autumn from the selection range of summer flavors of well-known brand. A talented perfumer Nathalie Lorson included longtime friends in the composition of toilet water: a rose, grapefruit, jasmine and musk. According to the packaging design it is not difficult to guess who plays the role of the violin in this flower quartet. Bottle of pale pink color with a picture of the pretty flower will adorn the dressing table and the floral scent will surround its mistress with memories of pleasant summer moments in the dank autumn.


JoMaloneMimosa & Cardamom is another novelty in the group of flower scents. Marie Salaman, perfumer, worked on the creation of this fragrance. Oriental fragrance seems to be woven from the subtle notes of mimosa, and cardamom, honey flower and tonka bean. In addition to flavor, in EaudeCologne concentration connoisseurs of branded perfumes can purchase line of means caring for the body, exuding the fragrance that will immerse themin the magical world of JoMalone.

ElieSaabLeParfumRoseCouture is a new version of the popular fragrance from world-renowned design house Elie Saab. The creating of the new products at this time was headed by the great perfumer FransisKyurkdzhyan, which included in the perfume composition notes of orange blossom, peony, rose, jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli. Aroma, enclosed in an elegant pale pink bottle, since its publication, has already gained a lot of women’s hearts.

BlumarineNinfea is a real godsend for women who in the depths of the domestic troubles have not lost the inherent fairer sex romance and reverie. Perfumer EmilieCoppermann was inspired on the creation of this fragrance by clean, fresh, beautiful flower – waterlily. The original composition also includes notes of orange, lotus flower, gardenia leaves, inflorescences of Guinea pepper, orchid, lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, amber. Rich cocktail!

Are you full of enthusiasm to make the world better? Are you in complete harmony with yourself and with the environment? Then a new floral-citrus fragrance from Blumarine is something that will make your inner world even better!

Mysterious East! News in the line of the ‘spicy’ perfumes

BvlgariGoldea is the innovation from the world-famous brand, which hasn’t made its fans happy with ‘oriental’ perfume compositions. And now, it happened! The famous perfumer AlbertoMorillas was inspired to create a new fragrance by light and gold. The composition opens with musk, which is also present in the base and in the heart. At different levels of the pyramid the central chord is complemented with the orange blossom, bergamot, raspberry, jasmine, ylang-ylang, patchouli, amber, Egyptian papyrus. As a result, perfume is invigorating, energetic, enveloping. Just right for a cool autumn!


PradaCandyKiss is flavor complementing the well-known perfume line PradaCandy. Perfumer DanielaRoche-Andrier has created an original composition, filled with notes of musk, vanilla and orange colors. The aroma is worthy of the attention of oriental flavors fans.

SignorinaMisteriosa is the successful completion of the already known Italian brand SalvatoreFerragamo line. Perfume is the result of joint work of two talented perfumers – Sophie Labbe and Nicolas Beaulieu. Perfume is particularly sensual and refined, in some way mysterious. Pleasing with a marvelous aroma, you can clearly catch the notes of neroli, wild blackberry, tuberose, orange blossom, vanilla mousse and patchouli. This perfume will make any woman the true queen of the evening!


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