Fashion jewelry 2016

Fashion jewelry 2016

What woman can do without ornamentals! But people who value individuality prefer jewelry. Fashion jewelry is not too varies from year to year, but some 2016 trends can be noted in particular.

Fashion jewelry 2016

Trends in the world of jewelry in 2016

In 2016, most attention is paid not even to the gold, platinum and silver, but precious stones, which are found in jewelry very often. Moreover, these trends relate to the stones of all sizes. Equally delightful are both rings decorated with a scattering of small stones and necklaces, in which there is only 2 to 3 large stones.

What are fashion trends which can be identified for the 2016 season? These include:
– Pearl;
– A combination of colored stones in a single product;
– Semiprecious stones;
– Focus on purple and pink stones;
– Gold pins in the form of starfish and seashells.

In particular, the jewelry made of pearls has been preferred by several fashion houses from around the world, such as Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, and Gucci. Jewelers of these brands offer to wear massive necklaces of pearls, not only with evening dresses, but also with everyday jeans. For social events black pearls are the most popular, of which a variety of necklaces in choker style are created.

Attention: jewelry 2016!

Large bracelets, decorated with precious or semi-precious stones are gaining popularity. The more massive bracelet is and the larger stones on it, the more spectacular it looks. In addition, wide bracelets, created by openwork weave are also in fashion. But Kenzo offers fashionable women tight bracelets, decorated with a single stone but very large. These bracelets can be worn even over clothing sleeves.

No less relevant in the coming season those decorations that have proved to be in 2015. These are precious products with fringes or ornaments of stone with enamel finish.

Fashion 2016 doesn’t bypass such items as brooches. They may be of various shapes. Stylists recommend wearing a brooch, in the shape of animals, plants, fruits and even insects and decorated with precious stones. A combination of bright colors are in trend, so, for example, a brooch in the form of cherries made of rubies and emeralds, will give its owner an additional charm. In addition, ethno-style, where precious metals and stones are combined with natural materials such as leather, wood, feathers, is popular too.

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