Fashion vintage: a journey into the past

Fashion vintage: a journey into the past

Time is flying inexorably forward. Everything is changing: people, ideas of beauty, fashion trends. However, through the years, people are always carrying the best of what was in the past. So, creating their own style, people use things that were fashionable 20-30 years ago. This style is called vintage (aged).

Fashion vintage a journey into the past

Vintage clothing

If the girl decides to choose this style, she should to remember: not every old thing belongs to vintage. There are two conditions that must be met:

1. The age of the thing – at least, 30 years;
2. The thing was to be fashionable in that time, where she came from;

There are also several varieties of vintage things:

1. True vintage – the real old things, preserved from the collections of previous years.
2. Neovinatge – things made in our time with the fabric that was aged in different ways.
3. Combined vintage – items, combining modern fabrics with authentic vintage materials and accessories.
4. “A La vintage” – things made of modern fabrics, that mimic the models and silhouettes of yesteryear.

The vintage image and decorations

You should think about everything when selectin your own vintage image. A good textbook is old films, photos and illustrations in books. Especially pay attention to the features of the figure. After all, it’s not the secret, that standarts of physical beauty were also changing over time.

Vintage decorations are like little bits of the past, bright as the stars. The can often be found a flea markets or seen on our mothers and grandmothers. You can buy them in specialized stores.

Vintage style rings are always with large, often semi-circular stones: jasper, garnet, amber etc. Silver decorations are intricate and interesting, since the availability of this metal allowed the goldsmiths to give scope to the imagination.

You shouldn’t forget that among the decorations there are true old things and stylized vintage products. It doesn’t matter, who is the author, because the main goal of vintage style is originality and extravagance of the appearance.

Jewelry is also performed in this style and remains popular among fashion stars.

Vintage style things are steeped in history through. The carry the spirit of the past, bringing to the image a touch of mistery.

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