Fashion wedding make-up 2016

Fashion wedding make-up 2016

Bride will look perfect if her make-up is trendy and matches very her. Eye, hair, and skin colors as well as shade of wedding dress should be taken into account while choosing the perfect wedding make-up. What wedding make-up is trendy this year?

Fashion wedding make-up 2016


Right chosen shade of foundation helps to even out skin complexion. If bride wants to wear low neck wedding dress she is to apply foundation not only to her face but also to her neck and shoulders. It’s desirable to apply a little bit of foundation to lips to make lipstick long-lasting.


Smoky eyes are trendy this year. It seems smoky eyes don’t match delicate bride’s look. But stylists don’t think so. In 2016 they offer to combine smoky eyes with berry-colored rich lipstick. Fashion bride is also to prefer eyelash extensions or false eyelashes to usual mascara for eyes to be expressive. Eyebrows should be wide to be trendy this year.


Natural look of lips is one of modern trends in 2016. Stylists also offer mat red, terracotta, and berry shades of lipstick to brides, who adore bright colors. Trendsetters advise to use cold red and wine colors in autumn but prefer more warm shades in winter 2016.


Bright skin and natural glow on cheeks are in vogue. That’s why fashion bride should use ordinary pink shades of rouge for her glow not to be catchy.


Chocolate-colored skin is past trend. Today it is replaced by slightly tanned fair skin. So there is no need to spend much time in solarium before wedding. Watch all of open skin areas (face, neck, decollete, and back) to be slightly tanned, and don’t forget tan should be even.

Distinctive feature of fashion wedding make-up 2016 is velvet skin, expressive eyes, and sensual lips without wearing too much make-up. Bride should try different types of make-up long before wedding to choose very her one.

Be trendy and irresistible!

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