Fashionable handbags 2016

Fashionable handbags 2016

Luckily for modern women, nowadays, fashion is so diverse that it’s not difficult at all to find the right item. The market is full of goods for every taste and budget. But in reality, this glut only confuses a buyer. Fortunately, this year, the handbags’ designers have prepared a few trends for the girls all over the world, which no fashionmonger can resist.

Fashionable handbags 2016

For some years now, shopper bags have been highly popular. Modern city residents can’t imagine their life without this practical accessory, because one can leave home early in the morning, carrying it, and return late at night, as there is plenty of space in it for books, gadgets, a cosmetic case and even for a pair of shoes to go to the restaurant in the evening.

Of course, fashion forges ahead and in 2016, seeing the devotion of their customers to shopper bags, some brands make play with this handbag model in different ways. They complement it with solid chains, rivets, leather tassels and even with sets of removable pockets and laps of various trendy colors and textures. All these elements can be changed depending on the image, offering a bag owner to try the role of a fashion designer.

A counterpart of shopper bags – clutches and super small (just slightly bigger than a woman palm) bags on a long chain-strap – are also expected to be highly popular in the upcoming spring-summer season. Probably, this can be considered to be the main handbags trend. Cheerful summer colors, applique patterns, textures, associated with a trip to southern countries: braided leather and raffia – all these are designed to awaken the spirit of tranquility within an inch of mindlessness.

Another type of small bags, especially fashionable in 2016 – made of crocodile and snake skin, of black, red and brown colors, on a long chain.

A different kind of handbags presented by the global brands this year – a horseshoe-shaped model on a long leather strap, made of suede and leather of natural colors: black, brown, beige. In many cases, this accessory is complemented with leather tassels, key charms and fringe.

When choosing a classic model, it’s advisable to prefer soothing, muted, natural colors. In most cases, these are black, grey, beige, brown, olive, coral and ivory. Such accessories always refine the image and remain fashionable for a long time; every woman should have this kind of handbags.

A handbag – is one of the key elements of the image of a woman, therefore, it should be chosen not only depending on fashion trends, but on the basis of individual characteristics as well (body type, dressing style, etc.).

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