Fashionable make-up 2016

Fashionable make-up 2016

The latest fashion shows amaze with a huge number of images; the make-up trends vary greatly as well, for they must comply with the new fashionable images. Here we can see the long forgotten trends and dives into the style of the past period, together with completely new findings. In this article we will give the detailed outlook of the make-up that will come into fashion in 2016. Most trends are rather challenging and will perfectly suit those, who feel like experimenting.

Fashionable make-up 2016

The first trend – a new black color for the lips. It means to be blueberry or eggplant color on the lips. This color matches a completely discreet make-up on the girls with pale skin. In this case, this dark lipstick doesn’t produce a heavy effect. The image looks provocative, fashionable and young. This make-up will be vivid and unique, really bold and magnetic. This is the most fashionable make-up in 2016. By no means is it a punk or gothic make-up, but a fashionable one. It’s hard to call it everyday make-up as well, but it will be quite suitable for going out to a restaurant or to a party as a kind of an interesting experiment.

Moreover, in this season designers suggest nude lips – that is without any make-up. This means absolutely no make-up, even without using a lip gloss. Or just a bit of gloss, but anyway lips should look matte.

The next trend – the boyish rumpled brows. Attention to the brows have been maintained for about two years now, but they are still in fashion. In this season, stylists also pay a significant attention to the brows, but not to just bushy “Brezhnev-like” ones. Today’s mainstream are thick, but natural brows as if never touched by a tweezer. The style is for fans only, which is, undoubtedly, suitable not for everyone.

Nowadays, for the eyes make-up it’s trendy to use so-called graphical make-up – it includes all shades of gray, especially dark, metal ones. Additionally, when we talk about eye make-up, the most fashionable feature of this season – are the wings. Anything can be used: a pencil, an eyeliner, eye shadows and their various combinations. Extremely fashionable in this season are double wings, which don’t meet together in the eye corner.

Another beauty trend – are crystals on the lower lids, preferably if it would be Swarovski. Small crystals are clung on the lower lid. You will think twice before wearing this make-up for a party, even for the New Year one.

In addition, in this season bright accents are quite trendy; for someone it means a high color, as a protest against winter, for someone it’s coral eye shadows and the colors of orange, mandarin and peach. All this makes your image sunnier.

Every girl turns into an artist when it comes to make-up. And expresses herself just the same way, as in everything else, regarding to the image. And the latest trends provide plenty of possibilities for creativity.

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