Fashionable woman’s scarves 2016

Fashionable woman’s scarves 2016

A scarf – is a bright accent for any garment. At the same time, depending on the style, you can choose a scarf matching absolutely any image, mode of dress and event. So, let’s take a look at what is worth paying attention to when choosing a fashionable woman’s scarf…

Fashionable woman’s scarves 2016

Silk scarf

A light silk scarf is perfect for creating a sentimental, romantic image, a business look or with a fur coat. In this case, it’s advisable not to choose monochrome models, but prefer the ones with various prints: dots, stripes, geometric figures, traditional Russian patterns and prints, or animal prints: zebra or tiger stripes, leopard spots.

Fur scarf

A fur scarf, no matter if it’s made of faux or genuine fur, will always look expensive and elegant. At the same time, it’ll protect a delicate neck from the penetrating winter wind. This accessory can be short like a collar, be an infinity scarf or hang down to the waist or knees. The nap can also be short, long or combined.

Narrow scarf

A long narrow scarf of chiffon is the trend of the coming year. A narrow scarf should be chosen for a special event, it will look great together with an evening dress of various lengths and styles, a blouse or a business suit.

Hand-made scarf

Don’t be afraid to do a little knitting! This is not just a great way to have a bit of rest, but a useful time spending as well, so it’s time to visit a shop to get some yarn. A color palette, a knitting pattern, a yarn thickness and style can vary greatly; all depends on your persistence, taste and skill. Moreover, it’s an unusual and quite a useful gift for any occasion.

Very long scarves

At the height of fashion are the scarves of incredible length, almost reaching the ground. The color scheme of such a scarf is sober: brown, grey, beige. The scarf will be right with a midi-dress, narrow-leg leather or denim trousers.

Fashionable accessory

In the coming year, designers decorate scarves with different-sized pompons, tassels and stones, combine fabric and material. And their most favorite element is fringe, slightly asymmetrical and very long.

Scarf color

In cold weather, when sunny days are the real treasure, wear scarves of bright, juicy colors: yellow, red, green and blue. And in warm spring days, give preference to a more sober, cold, pastel colors: light grey, milky-white, coffee, purple.

Any outfit will incomplete without decorations and accessories, and a scarf – is a fashionable and eye-catching detail. Therefore, be sure not to forget about this trendy woman’s accessory in the coming year.

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