Fat Loss Factor for a Flatter Stomach

Fat Loss Factor for a Flatter Stomach

Fat Loss Factor is a weight loss program created by Dr. Charles Livingston, or simply Dr. Charles, that teaches people how to rapidly lose weight. His program is designed to help people attain a flatter tummy within one week, while still enjoying their favorite foods. To date, there are over 198,000 Fat Loss Factor program members. There are numerous success stories from people who were able to reshape their bodies and gain the attractive figures they always desired.

Fat Loss Factor for a Flatter Stomach

There are several misconceptions about fat loss that many people tend to fall for. For example, some believe that they are unable to lose weight solely due to genetics or overeating. However, there are many success stories of people who have overcome genetic issues, increasing their chances of losing fat quickly. While overeating is often stress-related, others tend to overeat for numerous emotional reasons (i.e., sadness, loneliness, anxiety, and nervousness). In Dr. Charles’ Fat Loss Factor book, he explains simple ways to better manage stress. Dr. Charles’ Fat Loss Factor program proves that fat loss is possible for all body types, regardless of DNA and poor eating habits.

In his book, Dr. Charles also discusses some of the strategies that make losing fat a long-term success story, which is a common goal most wish to attain. The Fat Loss Factor regimen is easy to follow long-term compared to other fad diets that many find difficult to maintain. Fad diets work short-term, but high ratios of those dieters often regain the weight (and more) within five years. Even worse is that when the weight comes back, usually in the form of fat, muscle is frequently lost as well. Dr. Charles also explains how to lose fat quickly while still eating “junk” food and other favorite foods.

Additionally, Dr. Charles has a Food Factor book (available at no additional cost) that discusses how to put an end to emotional, binge and late-night eating. In this book, Dr. Charles teaches people: how stress can make you fat; how to control overeating at mealtime; easy ways to avoid excess snacking/grazing; and it also features three recipes that will satisfy anyone’s carbohydrate cravings. Also covered, are relationship issues and how to overcome an un-supportive spouse.

Fat Loss Factor also educates people on the many dangerous food additives on the market. Food additives are hazardous to one’s health, because they: speed the aging process; cause weight gain by interfering with the body’s natural functioning; and also contribute to illness. Many of these additives cause cravings for fatty foods, because they are made from synthetic chemicals. Dr. Charles also teaches his patients which foods may ultimately prevent them from reaching their weight loss goals.

Included with the book, are two videos explaining how both men and women can lose body fat. Men can lose fat by focusing on weight loss, as well as by building lean muscle to burn stomach fat even faster. Similarly, the videos teach women unique methods for shaving inches off their glutes, waist and thighs within a very short three-day period.

The Fat Loss Factor program offers a system that not only makes losing fat easier, but puts all of the fat loss diet myths to rest. This program is successful in that it’s not a fad diet, but rather a way of life that is easy to adapt to everyday. It doesn’t require extreme restriction of food or calories, but rather allows its followers to continue eating their favorite, delicious foods as part of a balanced diet for a slimmer, trimmer waistline for life, something everyone desires and can now achieve without fail thanks to Fat Loss Factor.

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